Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oz Fashion: Wicked Witch

The last witch we will discuss is none other than the Wicked Witch herself! I won't tell you who plays her in case you haven't seen the movie already (it surprised me), but prepare for some good battling between this witch and the great and powerful wizard himself.

We all have to admit, the Wicked Witch got a stunning upgrade from the original Wizard of Oz. Her skin, although still green, does not resemble that of a color on a child's bedroom wall, oh no, it's much more dark and sinister now. The hat is shiny and sleek and her outfit... oh my goodness her outfit!

Who said Witches who were bad and green need to be dressed in a dark rag of a dress, anyway? They were sorely mistaken because this evil being's outfit is skin tight, figure showing and all around a stunning masterpiece when it comes to clothing. The corset bodice is gorgeous and what I truly love is the stand-in feathers on her shoulders. They look like leather strips made to be feathers!

So, which witch is your favorite?

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