Showcase Your Style

Do you think you're a stylish individual? Do you have a fashion blog or dream of being featured in the pages of magazines like Vogue and Allure one day? How would you like to get a head start and show the world how stylish your big and bad self is? Well, now you can.

If you would like to be featured in Caged In Clothes newest weekly post, Showcase Your Style, please send the information below to and be a follower of CIC via GFC (located on sidebar):
1. Name
2. Country you reside in
3. A picture of your fashionable self
4. A 2-6 sentence describing your personal style
5. Blog URL (If you have a blog)
6. Name used to follow blog

I will include every entry I receive.

This could be you:

Shelby B., USA, Caged In Clothes

My syle is ever-changing. I can go from girly, to rocker, to chic in the blink of an eye and I plan to keep it that way. I admit that I follow trends, but mostly because I like them. If I don't like a trend, don't expect to see it on my body.


  1. Just emailed you :)

  2. I sent you my info girlie ;)

  3. Hi there! I'd sent you my email. Thans! <3