Saturday, March 24, 2012

Living In The Trees

The weather was finally warm enough to do a photo shoot in a short-sleeved dress! It was so much fun besides the fact that I had to crawl up the tree I'm sitting in... in my dress... and it's a high tree. Plus I scratched up my arms because I Mulan crawled my way up the tree. There are more pictures but I only had time to grab these off my friends computer before we went to the midnight showing of THE HUNGER GAMES! Has anyone else seen it yet? My friend and I are going to have a photo shoot where I am being Katniss. I can really look like her if I want to, I just need some fuller lips and a few more freckles. I'm making a bow and arrow and yippie-kie-aye! I just can't wait for the shoot!

I'll put the other pictures up later this week and show you the amazing log I laid on... a log that apparently had ants and termites crawling all over it. I found out a little to late about the critters. Oh sad face. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Have you been in the shopping mode lately? Has the warm weather preparing to transition from Winter to Spring got you ready to do some spring cleaning in your closet? If it has, toss out some of the old and get your mouse ready to click on some fantastical, chic products from a high street fashion, online boutique called OASAP.

With some of the most up-to-date fashion I've seen in a long time, OASAP specializes in unique garments that everyone should have in their closet and, luckily for you, they have just added their Spring 2012 collection! Everything any up-to-date fashion savvy person needs to have for this season await within their pages of clothes and accessories. Below are just some of my favorites!

My goal is to try to post at least one post every two days on a new store I like if I can't get some pictures of myself up. Like the idea? Please tell in the comments!:)

Retro Sweet Double-breasted Dots Embellished Dress with Long Princess Sleeves: $65.00
Distinctive Asymmetric Splicing Skinny Leggings: $16.00

Flouncing Neck Dress with Chiffon Pompon Skirt: $134.00

White Luxury Single Lace Shoulder Gown: $37.00

One Shoulder Wrap Design Sexy Dress: $56.00

Chic Round Neckline Dress with Short Flouncing Sleeves: $38.00

Easy Matching Dress with Polka Dot Detailed Sheer Sleeve: $44.00

Cape Style Delicate Lace Coat: $74.00
Irregular Dovetail Chiffon Skirt with Elasticated Waistline: $70.00
High Waist Backless Bow Detail Thick Dress: $96.00
 If you can't tell, I'm into more of the high fashion look, but that doesn't mean that that's all that OASAP has. They have anything from flouncy, girly dresses, to rocker motorcycle jackets. Anything you want, they have! Including SHOES:
Chic Rivet Detail Platform Boots: $51.00
Peep Toe Leopard Print Wedge Sandals with Lace Up Detail: $159.00

Sweet Studded Downy Messenger Bag with Tassels Detail: $60.00
Faceted Stone Detail Sequined Bib Collar: $26.00
They also haave a Fashion Hunter Program where you can get freebies for advertising them. So, if you have atleast 300 followers on any of the following fashion platforms, Chictopia, LookBook, or Blogspot, click the link at the end and start getting some free merchaindise! Join here!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


In every successful fashion blog I've seen, there have been something unique about the person in the shots. They have a signature pose, hairstyle or place where they take their pictures. I've been trying to find a "signature" for the longest time now, but without success, until a few days ago.
I'm in my photoshop class and we had to do a project called Many Faces of Me, where we had to pick 3 words then add pictures. One of my words were patriotic so I went home to take my pictures. I, of course, mixed it up a little and added a extra. The result was amazing and I felt as though my signature has been found: Lip Decorations. I will now have unique lips in almost every shoot I take, unless it's with my friend Andrea for one of her classes.

Shirt: Plato's Closet, $5
Shorts: Plato's Closet, $6
Shoes: Bakers, around $80