Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mont Affair's Giveaway

Yes, yes, I'm holding a giveaway but I just wanted to tell you about one that I stumbled upon! An incredibably cute online boutique called MONT AFFAIR is holding, what I believe to be, a spectacular giveaway.
The giveaway lasts for 8 weeks, consists of 8 winners (one per week), and each winner gets to choose any dress from Mont Affair's online boutique to make their own! Yes, you heard right, the winner chooses the dress that they want!
Check out some of the dresses you can win! CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY

Monday, August 20, 2012

See Through to Me


Dear lordy! College starts for me tomorrow. COLLEGE. I'm a little freaked out, but really excited (besides the part where I have to pay thousands of dollars to learn stuff I'll forget in a month). I hope I can find my classes and remember to bring my supplies and I really hope I get invited to a first day party... or two. Well, five would be perfect. Until then, I guess I'll just sit locked up in my room and watch the Hunger Games.

ABOUT THE LOOK: This look is actually a dress and a skirt. I recieved the dress from OASAP and, well, it was a little short. Ok, a lot short. But I loved it so much I wasn't just going to shun it because it exposed me everytime I bent over or raised my arms up. I tucked it into this mint, bodycon skirt I got from Rue 21 and I think it worked out just fine! I love the gauze panels on the arms! Anyway, sorry about the lighting. We took pictures mid-day which I realize is a big no-no, but it's the only time we could take them. Hope you enjoy them anyway!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rose in a Thornbush

Ah! What an amazing mission trip I went on! I have to tell you, if you want to make the world a better place, not just one small community, volunteer at Give Kids The World. It's in Florida, so you can even hit up the beach for the day like I did. Of course, I got this rediculous sunburn that made me peel my face's skin off like one would peel an orange, but hey, I surfed. One thing I get to check off my bucket list. Anyway, it was the most amazing experiance of my life. I got to meet people from all over the world and every single one of them was happy, no matter their kids condition. It was truely magical.


ABOUT THE LOOK: Rose in a Thornbush. My friend actually said something like this on the shoot and I knew my post had to be titled that. The red and the flowers really popped against any background so it looked like I was that hidden rose in the thornbush.The shirt is from SUGARLIPS APPAREL. When I first got it, to be truthfull, I was kinda iffy. It was a lot of material and I'm a small girl, I was scared it was going to eat me alive. Fortunately, when I paired it with the floral skirt from RUE 21, I knew that it was me. It's such a vibrant, happy look, which is needed since the oh-so depressing school time is drawing nearer, if not already arrived.

Sorry about the size of the pictures. I can't get them to enlarge, those little boogers. I'll try to fix it when I get somewhere with a better computer and wifi.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to School Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Summer has already either ended or is about to and so it's time for one of the most important decisions of the year; What are you going to wear on the first day of school? There are so many trending pieces right now that you have infinite possibilities, but luckily for you, I have you covered... or at least one of you.
So let's get to it! It's time for my first ever giveaway! Do you remember my post I did about the Social Butterfly House? (Find it HERE) Well, they were gracious enough to provide me with a dress to give to one of my amazing readers! Check out what you could win below!

I do realize that pure excitement is currently flowing through your veins, so let's get down to the good part: How to get your hands on this spectacular dress.

Mandatory Entry:
1. Follow @Shelbylugal and @SocialBflyHouse on Twitter (If you have one)
2. Like Social Butterfly House on Facebook
3. Become a member of Caged in Clothes (on side bar)
4. Leave name, size and email in comments for contact information
All of these equal one entry

Optional Entries:
1. Tweet about the giveaway (once a day for an entry a day)
I entered to win a dress (@SocialBflyHouse) from @shelbylugal 's blog, Caged In Clothes. Enter here #Giveaway
2. Share the giveaway on facebook
3.Visit Social Butterfly House's website and tell your favorite article of clothing that they have in the comment section below
All of these would be an extra entry each, plus the tweet per day

*Leave a separate comment for each you do, including a separate entry per tweet, per day*
**Giveaway open to USA readers only**
***Giveaway ends September 15***
****Winner chosen by randomizer****

So, now you know everything there is to know about how to win this dress. I wish everyone good luck and make sure you keep checking back in to see how it's going!

Friday, August 10, 2012

New York Couture

Why be plain and normal when you can stick out in a crowd? That's a sort of motto that I live by. That's how I pick out my clothes, style my hair and do my makeup... differently. So when I just happened to stumble upon an amazing online boutique called New York Couture, my entire body was overwhelmed with joy. Just image a little kid walking into Willy Wonka's Candy Factory, then image me with that sort of intense overwhelmed happiness.

 Now, I am so extremely happy to present you with an interview I conducted with New York Couture. It shows how much they love their job and clothing. With such unique and colorful clothing, You can tell their passion through their clothing, photo shoots and number of exclamations in their answers. Enjoy.
Firstly, I would like to say your photos are incredibly unique and most certainly colorful. How do you come up with the inspiration for the shoots? How do you pick out the outfits, hair, makeup, ect?
My head is like a boiling pot of water with things just popping out!!! Everything inspires me! I dream up an idea and WHAH LAH, like magic, I have to make it come to life!

Your clothing is beyond compare to any other clothing line. Obviously it's couture, but if you had to describe the entire brand in whole in one sentence, what would it be?
Thanks!! New York Couture is a euphonious rush of an ‘80s childish cartoon nostalgia sprinkled with a dash of girlish pixie dust.

How does New York Couture come up with the designs of all the clothing?
...same as question 1...a little birdy starts chirping in my ear...but as a vision. If I don't create this vision it doesn't stop really I have NO choice but to make it reality!

 How did New York Couture come to be?
I started playing dress up basically at birth...I guess designing clothes is a step up from I think you should have fun in what you I made that my mini mission in life. Take over the world, one WILD outfit at a time! : )

Are there any couture trends you can see for summer?
I don't really follow trends. If it's a trend...then it's already cool...which won't be cool soon. I like things that maybe "aren't cool" my eyes it makes it cooler.

Do you see why I love them now? Their clothes are beyond amazing. Every time I see them, I just want to pull out my checkbook and tell them, "I'll have one of everything." To bad I'm a broke college girl who can't even afford a Subway sandwich. So, enough of their photoshoots, just check out some of their clothing!
One of a Kind *CUSTOM MADE* PIXIE Lace PARTY Dress
One of a Kind BLACK & WHITE Fringe & Braid ROCKER Dress
*One of a Kind* PASTEL Blue & Lavender Panda Dress
*Limited Edition* Black Purrfect KITTY Hoody Onesie Jumper
One of a Kind *CUSTOM MADE* COTTONCANDY Blue Sequin & Stud Mini PARTY Dress Top
*Limited Edition* Pink Panda Dress

Monday, August 6, 2012

Forgotten Photos

By the time your reading this, I'll be in Florida on my mission trip. I'm going down there for Give Kids The World, which is a part of Disney World (Or Land, whichever is in Florida) where we help the terminally ill have an amazing time at Disney World because it's there wish for the Make A Wish Foundation. We're also going to the beach for a day. I really hope I get to swim with some tropical fish or see a coral reef or be able to surf or something! I've never been to the beach so I'm hoping for a good experience. It's on my bucket list to go to Florida and visit a beach so... I hope it's worth being on my bucket list.

Anyway, I was going through some of my pictures the other day and I stumbled across these from an old shoot with Andrea. You can tell these pictures were from a while ago, my hair is still long and brown!

What is there to say? One of the biggest trends of the moment is floral print so, even though I like to find pieces that are unique and not so trendy, I saw this dress and finally understood why the floral print fad blew up so quickly. What I like about this outfit is how it also combines the sheer part on top. Two trends in one, beautiful when separate, spectacular when together. The sheer adds a sexiness to the romantic side of the dress that the flowers bring out.

Sorry! No behind the scenes pics on this one (yet!). Not enough time for my slooooow moooo internet connection to download the rest of the pics before I leave! (Just a few hours now!) See you all in a week:p

Friday, August 3, 2012

Kiss Kiss SugarLips!

I, like many other, have fallen head over heels for Sugar Lips Apparel. Their clothing has a an effortless feel to it -- a sort of light, flowing nature to sooth any fashion soul. With all of the crazy, semi-couture clothing trends, it's nice to have such an amazing company to provide relief to everyone. This line of clothing has beautiful, stylish clothes that allow us to wear some of the more relaxed crazes, such as maxi skirts and dresses, calmed down prints, pastels and simple cutouts.

I am personally in love with them. Their clothing exudes everything that my style is, and what I want it to be. It's fun and has a quirky pop that makes me smile and want to empty my wallet for everything in the store! So, without further adue, Sugar Lips Apparel!

Sugar Lips Apparel also reminds me of my current monthly fashion inspiration (find on tab at top of the page), Florence Welch! Click on up there and see why she is such a fashion guru.