Monday, August 6, 2012

Forgotten Photos

By the time your reading this, I'll be in Florida on my mission trip. I'm going down there for Give Kids The World, which is a part of Disney World (Or Land, whichever is in Florida) where we help the terminally ill have an amazing time at Disney World because it's there wish for the Make A Wish Foundation. We're also going to the beach for a day. I really hope I get to swim with some tropical fish or see a coral reef or be able to surf or something! I've never been to the beach so I'm hoping for a good experience. It's on my bucket list to go to Florida and visit a beach so... I hope it's worth being on my bucket list.

Anyway, I was going through some of my pictures the other day and I stumbled across these from an old shoot with Andrea. You can tell these pictures were from a while ago, my hair is still long and brown!

What is there to say? One of the biggest trends of the moment is floral print so, even though I like to find pieces that are unique and not so trendy, I saw this dress and finally understood why the floral print fad blew up so quickly. What I like about this outfit is how it also combines the sheer part on top. Two trends in one, beautiful when separate, spectacular when together. The sheer adds a sexiness to the romantic side of the dress that the flowers bring out.

Sorry! No behind the scenes pics on this one (yet!). Not enough time for my slooooow moooo internet connection to download the rest of the pics before I leave! (Just a few hours now!) See you all in a week:p


  1. Hi! Thanks for your sweet comment on my chictopia :) I'm so loving your style too - it's lovely! Hope you'll visit my blog too and follow each other, if you want to? :) Love x

  2. Amazing pictures, so beautiful !
    And the dress looks really cool, love it ;-)