Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oz Fashion: Wicked Witch

The last witch we will discuss is none other than the Wicked Witch herself! I won't tell you who plays her in case you haven't seen the movie already (it surprised me), but prepare for some good battling between this witch and the great and powerful wizard himself.

We all have to admit, the Wicked Witch got a stunning upgrade from the original Wizard of Oz. Her skin, although still green, does not resemble that of a color on a child's bedroom wall, oh no, it's much more dark and sinister now. The hat is shiny and sleek and her outfit... oh my goodness her outfit!

Who said Witches who were bad and green need to be dressed in a dark rag of a dress, anyway? They were sorely mistaken because this evil being's outfit is skin tight, figure showing and all around a stunning masterpiece when it comes to clothing. The corset bodice is gorgeous and what I truly love is the stand-in feathers on her shoulders. They look like leather strips made to be feathers!

So, which witch is your favorite?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


So this is what it's like to be a man; Furrowed brows, "muscle" bearing tanks, bangs for hair, shoes not even properly tied and pinkies up. Well, she's/he's part English, pinkies up is like breathing for her/him. Androgynous.

ABOUT THE LOOK: I decided to try something a little (lot) different than I normally do. I used runway inspiration and flipped the ends of my hair to the front to create a Justin Beiberesque hair do and added a beenie to conceal the weirdness that is the pinned part of my hair. I decided a simple black tank paired with some dark jeans would be perfect for the shoot. I also decided to sit down to help conceal the look of my womanly hips. It helped a lot. Trust me. I wanted to do an androgynous shoot and I did. Was it a success... I'll let you all decide.

I can't help the pinky, it just happens. MANLY.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Oz Fashion: Evanora

Rachel Weisz sharpens her claws for the role of Evanora in Oz the Great and Powerful. Her character may seem sweet and kind-hearted in the beginning, but it's quickly recognizable that this ruling witch has something dark in her. Just look at the background in the picture above! Her dark demeanor is accompanied by gowns that easily reflect her essence.
The picture above shows a pretty nice close up of Evanora's simply b-e-a-utiful gown! The intricate beading on it, well, I can't find how long it took, but I'm sure it wasn't done in a day. The green is for the Emerald City she's takes great pleasure ruling over, but it also symbolises the color of envy. I like the colors chosen for the dress because she envies both her sisters in my opinion; Theodora for her power and Glinda for her gentleness and ability to have everyone love her.

Oh yeah, green also represents the color of the bolts of lightening she shoot out of her fingers.
Lastly, I want to point out her magnificent manicure. I am in love with the dark emerald color and the claw-like resemblance of them! What do you think of the manicure and gown?


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Oz Fashion: Glinda

The next witch in our lineup is Glinda the Good. Michelle Williams trades out her sassy pixie cut for flowing blond tresses in Oz as she takes on this role as the most pure and gentle witch of the bunch, although she can vamp up the intensity at parts in the movie.

Glinda's wardrobe consist of long, white dresses (minus the princess poof from the original Wizard of Oz) that are slick, shiny and full of intricate beading and other beautiful details. She wears a tiara that reminds me of angular sea shells and carries her all powerful magical wand, that shows how she is the gentle ruler of her people as well as a powerful witch.

The first dress I want to discuss is the one pictured above (close up) and below (full sha-bang). This has to be one of my favorite dresses of the movie. It Incorporates sequins, feathers and a baroque pattern on the bottom of the dress. The dress is floor length, long sleeved and features strong shoulders. Simply magnificent!

The picture below features a second dress Glinda wore. Once more, white, beading and strong shoulders dominate her wardrobe, not to say it's disappointing. This theme among her gowns shows her innocence and purity, especially with the color scheme. I have to say, I love the shoulders on each of these dresses. What part is your favorite?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oz Fashion: Theodora

On Saturday, I went to the movie theatre and watched Oz The Great and Powerful (The producer is actually from my hometown!). When I got there, my mouth nearly hit the floor in awe when I saw how much they had revamped all of the witches wardrobes. With a new found pump of inspiration, I've decided to talk about the Witches' fashion in Oz.

Let's begin with Theodora, played by the ever-talented Mila Kunis, who is the innocent witch in Oz. The first outfit we witness her wearing is a beautiful velvet-leather combination, filled with rich colors and an over sized hat. Her  coat/hat is near the color Samba, one of Pantone's (color trend predictor) top new colors for fall 2013.
In each of her costumes, we see her wearing white, red and hits of black which, having studied colors and their meaning for fun, each hold a certain significance. White is symbolic for innocence and purity, the exact opposite of black, the opposing color she also favors throughout the movie. Black, of course, means darkness, evil, and usually is worn on a person full of rage and/or mourning. Of course, Theodora's father had been murdered so it seems fitting. Last is the color red. Red is constantly associated with energy, power, love and passion. It also represents fire, a power viewers see her posses early in the movie.

I have become obsessed with the use of these three colors together and the outfits they are put on. Theodora's costumes are a sneak peak of fall fashion (trends, colors, coats, ect...). What do you think of Theodora's outfits?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Let's Reminisce For A While

It's not like she's thinking about life. She knows life like the back of her hand, or at least she's planning to. It's funny how everyone spends more time working than they do living; one more reason that she doesn't want to fit in, but rather stand out of the crowd. She wants to live her life like the stars in luxury and be able to share her wealth, experiences and more with the rest of the world. And she will... in due time.

ABOUT THE LOOK: I love this RUE 21 coat's print. I always forget what it's called, but I've loved it since middle school and will continue to love it for... well... forever. I'm following one of the spring 2013 trends, even though it's still freezing outside and not springy at all. Anyway, the trend is black and white (My coat also has fur on the hood and that was one of the runway trends as well. Bonus!). I got those lovely shoes from a place called Love Culture, they're my new favorite pair of shoes, just like the person reading this... you my new favorite person.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Right now, I'm asking myself why... why do I continue to show you all behind the scenes pictures? Besides the fact that I could care less what people think about me because I love being myself (which is a little weird at all times), I have no clue. I think I might have been singing in this picture... Or falling down the stairs to my doom... One of the two.

Monday, March 4, 2013

I Always Feel Childish

She's on  a merry-go-round. Why? Because she feels like it, that's why. She's going to spin and spin and spin until her photographer makes her get off because her face has gone from her normal pallid pale to a ghastly green. She starts off so serious, but her childish demeanour always prevails in the end. What a smile.

ABOUT THE LOOK: I wanted to show you all some of my new clothes, but it was freezing the day we took these pictures. Actually, below freezing. Andrea went home with fingers so red a tomato would make fun of them and all I wanted was hot cocoa and a few thousand pounds of blankets on me. Anyway, I got this coat at Rue 21 for only $10 (I actually got two of them, wait for my next post!). I stole Andrea's jeans because they were dark colored and matched my coat, and lastly, I have on my good old boots I got for Christmas. I can't wait until warmer weather!

BLOOPERS: I told you all it was coooooold outside when we took these pictures! Well, every time I took a breath, a nice thick cloud protruded out of my mouth. I thought I'd be able to get the fog breath on camera, alas, it didn't show. So, use your imagination and pretend that there's a big bunch of fog coming out of my pie hole.