Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oz Fashion: Theodora

On Saturday, I went to the movie theatre and watched Oz The Great and Powerful (The producer is actually from my hometown!). When I got there, my mouth nearly hit the floor in awe when I saw how much they had revamped all of the witches wardrobes. With a new found pump of inspiration, I've decided to talk about the Witches' fashion in Oz.

Let's begin with Theodora, played by the ever-talented Mila Kunis, who is the innocent witch in Oz. The first outfit we witness her wearing is a beautiful velvet-leather combination, filled with rich colors and an over sized hat. Her  coat/hat is near the color Samba, one of Pantone's (color trend predictor) top new colors for fall 2013.
In each of her costumes, we see her wearing white, red and hits of black which, having studied colors and their meaning for fun, each hold a certain significance. White is symbolic for innocence and purity, the exact opposite of black, the opposing color she also favors throughout the movie. Black, of course, means darkness, evil, and usually is worn on a person full of rage and/or mourning. Of course, Theodora's father had been murdered so it seems fitting. Last is the color red. Red is constantly associated with energy, power, love and passion. It also represents fire, a power viewers see her posses early in the movie.

I have become obsessed with the use of these three colors together and the outfits they are put on. Theodora's costumes are a sneak peak of fall fashion (trends, colors, coats, ect...). What do you think of Theodora's outfits?


  1. Mila Kunis is so pretty!

  2. I absolutely loved the red coat & hat paired with the white blouse and black pants & boots. It was my favorite ensemble in the entire movie!