Monday, March 4, 2013

I Always Feel Childish

She's on  a merry-go-round. Why? Because she feels like it, that's why. She's going to spin and spin and spin until her photographer makes her get off because her face has gone from her normal pallid pale to a ghastly green. She starts off so serious, but her childish demeanour always prevails in the end. What a smile.

ABOUT THE LOOK: I wanted to show you all some of my new clothes, but it was freezing the day we took these pictures. Actually, below freezing. Andrea went home with fingers so red a tomato would make fun of them and all I wanted was hot cocoa and a few thousand pounds of blankets on me. Anyway, I got this coat at Rue 21 for only $10 (I actually got two of them, wait for my next post!). I stole Andrea's jeans because they were dark colored and matched my coat, and lastly, I have on my good old boots I got for Christmas. I can't wait until warmer weather!

BLOOPERS: I told you all it was coooooold outside when we took these pictures! Well, every time I took a breath, a nice thick cloud protruded out of my mouth. I thought I'd be able to get the fog breath on camera, alas, it didn't show. So, use your imagination and pretend that there's a big bunch of fog coming out of my pie hole.

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  1. The things we go through for our blogs ;)