Friday, February 15, 2013

Gluttony Fake-Out

Models don't eat? It's a good thing she's to short. Give her a bag full of anything or a plate full of something, blink, and all that will be left is a crumb and a messy smile. Gluttony. Such a sin, yet, such a lifestyle.

ABOUT THE LOOK: So, here's the deal. I told you all that my friend and I are going to be doing our seven deadly sin photo shoot soon, but this isn't one. It's a fake out. We stopped by Walmart on the way to our shoot and, well... that is what I bought. I normally eat like this anyway. It's sad. So, this is just a pre-shoot and a gluttony fake-out. Enjoy and try not to be too disgusted with me afterwards. I have no shame.


  1. Haha fun and I really like the top :)