Sunday, January 29, 2012

Me and My Creeper

She's not really a creeper. She's my best friend... ever. Her name is Heather and we are what one might call "Chug-A-Muffins." Well, one might actually not call us that, but that's what we call each other. Up and downs, high and lows, we have each others backs, as you can clearly see in these next few pictures. This isn't a normal fashion post of my, it actually has to do with my life and friends but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

These pictures were taken at my school, hence the red lockers and endless twisting hallways I hate walking down everyday. My amazing photographer friend, Andrea, is taking these gorgeous pictures and there will be more photos by her VERY soon.

Eh Eh Ehmmmm...
I'm thinking of holding a giveaway for all of you readers. I draw clothes very well and was wondering if anyone would like to send me a picture of themselves in their favorite outfit, and I would recreate the look through one of my pictures. I would then post it as an example of what I can do and then hold a giveaway where someone would win the chance to have me draw their picture, but I would also send them the origional print as well. Comment and tell me what you think, and also leave a comment with your email if you want to send me a picture for me to draw of you! (It will be featured in a post on my blog as well as your picture. If you post your email, use [dot] so the spam bots don't get you. email@hotmail[dot]com).

Dress (used as skirt): Macys, $70
Shirt: Plato's Closet, $7
Leather Jacket: Playdoughs Closet, $10

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Red Lace

I love cheap clothes. Anything that comes for $10 or less, automatically has a place in my heart and my closet. I got this dress on sale for $4. I knew it was mine as soon as I saw it! I also just want to say that I dedicate this post to my boyfriend. I know he will see this because he googled my name when he was bored and found my blog and now has it on his phone. Don't think of it as creepy... think of it as he likes me enough to Google me:D Makes me feel special... when I think of it the second way.

I received these shoes from a giveaway and am so happy I was the winner! These shoes are incredibally comfortable and extremely versitile! I've worn them with all sorts of outfit styles ranging from rocker to bohemian. The folded down part even lifts up to make it longer. I'd been wanting boots like these for such a long time and these are the perfect pair for me. I'm not really a big online shopper, but if I was, I would shop at MIA Shoes. Check them out if you are a person with an amazing taste in shoes or are a shoe addict like me!:P
Hope you like this post! I know I loved shooting it, and sorry about my backpack and coat in the background, I'm not good enough at photoshop to remove it.

Dress: Rue 21, $4
Shoes: MIA Shoes, $99
Belt: Rue 21, Price Unknown
Tights: Factory Connection, $4

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chilly, Colorful Breeze

Tonight was senior night for my swimming team! Being the fasihonista senior that I am, I woke up an hour early to curl my hair, perfect my makeup and pretty much have extra time to stare at myself in the mirror after I finished the final product. I've had this outfit picked out for today since last month whenever I bought the dress. Unfortunately, the meet was moved up 30 minutes so I only had a few extra minutes to have my sister snap a couple of pictures in our Community Center's parking lot... with creepers... staring at us... since it was 20 degrees out... and I was in a one sleaved dress... oh ya.

Anyway, please follow my blog if you like the posts and check out this amazing online store I discovered called OASAP. Their banner is a few clicks to the right, check it out:D

ATTENTION ALL FASHION BLOGGERS: Do you think you are creative? Do you enjoy having your picture taken? Would you like to be featured on my blog like Sarah Whitney? If you do, go to the "Become Featured Blogger" page and follow the instructions. It's a quite creative way to choose the next monthly featured blogger if I do say so myself;)


Dress: JC Penny, $28
Tights: JC Penny, $7
Shoes: DEBS, $15

Monday, January 9, 2012

Give Me Green Again

Winter has been taking a toll on me lately; No shorts, leggings with every dress, no tanks and lots of jackets. My friend sent me this pic from a shoot we did this summer and it made my mouth drool with the distant flavors of summer.
In this picture I wore a dress I bought at Rue 21, Shoes I borrowed from my friend, and cheapie earrings I stumbled across on. I’m recently figuring out that you don’t have to spend a ton to look good. Thrift stores such as Playdoughs closet offer designer clothes anywhere from $3-$25 (If that) and swapping clothes and shoes with friends is always fun and gives you something to do and score some new clothes! Try it out:)
I hope you enjoy this little reminder of summer.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sarah Whitney

Describing herself on her blog as a "20-something Californian who enjoys wearing inappropriate get-ups to the grocery store. I'm the best dressed broke person I know," 23 years old Sarah Whitney is a Californian fashion blogger and online marketing assistant from Los Angeles. She runs her own blog, Pandora's Box Blog, has a LookBook, and is on Twitter. I was lucky enough to do an interview with her via email for all of you beauties to read so... here's what you've been waiting for:

Question: How would you describe your style?
Sarah Whitney: A jumble of boho meets edgy.

Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?
SW: Still in the fashion industry, of that I'm sure. Ideally I'd like to own my own business by then, maybe an online boutique!

Q: Do you have any fashion inspirations/icons? And if you do, who?
SW: Kate Moss and Edie Sedgwick will always be my faves.

Q:What is your must have for this winter?
SW:Statement-making coats and jackets, the kind that will turn heads.

Q: How did you get started in fashion blogging and what do you think is the main component in having a successful blog?
SW: I was looking for a creative outlet of sorts, and blogging seemed like the perfect fit. One of the main components of success (in any situation) is doing one thing better than anyone else, whatever it may be.

And more light hearted, fun questions:
Q: If you were a shoe, what would you be and why?
SW: A heeled ankle bootie... Fun, versatile and cute.

Q: You have $5.47 in you pocket, what do you buy?
SW: Fresh flowers!

Q: You spill paint on you favorite shirt, do you still wear it? And if you do, with what?
SW: Knowing me I probably wouldn't continue to wear it. Stains really bum me out.

And that, Ladies and Gents, was Sarah Whitney.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Amazing Bouchique

A few weeks ago I entered a FaceBook contest to win an amazing dress by Bouchique. To my utter amazement, I won! As soon as I saw the package in my mailbox, I couldn't wait to get it open! I drove up in my driveway and sat in my car opening before I even went inside. I tore open the package, and inside was one of the most lovely dresses I've ever had the amazing chance of owning.

The dress features a unique lace pattern on a gossamer-like pattern, with beautiful pearl-like beads following the neckline. When I put on this amazing dress, I instantly felt like I could strut into any New Years party and be the center of attention.

I decided to pair the dress with shoulder duster earrings and a white watch. I also used my heels from dances I go to. Hope you enjoy this dress as much as I did! :D

Dress: Bouchique, $128
Earrings: Rue 21, $8
Watch: Rue 21, $5