Thursday, January 26, 2012

Red Lace

I love cheap clothes. Anything that comes for $10 or less, automatically has a place in my heart and my closet. I got this dress on sale for $4. I knew it was mine as soon as I saw it! I also just want to say that I dedicate this post to my boyfriend. I know he will see this because he googled my name when he was bored and found my blog and now has it on his phone. Don't think of it as creepy... think of it as he likes me enough to Google me:D Makes me feel special... when I think of it the second way.

I received these shoes from a giveaway and am so happy I was the winner! These shoes are incredibally comfortable and extremely versitile! I've worn them with all sorts of outfit styles ranging from rocker to bohemian. The folded down part even lifts up to make it longer. I'd been wanting boots like these for such a long time and these are the perfect pair for me. I'm not really a big online shopper, but if I was, I would shop at MIA Shoes. Check them out if you are a person with an amazing taste in shoes or are a shoe addict like me!:P
Hope you like this post! I know I loved shooting it, and sorry about my backpack and coat in the background, I'm not good enough at photoshop to remove it.

Dress: Rue 21, $4
Shoes: MIA Shoes, $99
Belt: Rue 21, Price Unknown
Tights: Factory Connection, $4


  1. Hey girlie! Found your blog address on Chictopia! I love this combo and you know lace is one of the big trends of the spring season! :) 2 thumbs up! Please follow back and stay in touch! :)