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My name is Shelby, I'm 18 years old and I've spent my entire life growing up in the same city. I live in Missouri which is not the most ideal state for finding fashion inspiration and for taking pictures to help keep up a thriving blog. The weather is unpredictable and the people's number one fashion trend is sweatpants and athletic shorts. I have a mother, father, and little sister who's main goal in life is to make sure I know that she's bigger than me and can beat me up at any given moment. I love her though.

I love cats and small dogs and could eat spicy chicken wings like there is no tomorrow. Fashion means the world to me and I hope to one day write for Seventeen and have a small online boutique. And write a book, so, be looking out for that.

Caged in Clothes was created in 2011 as my fourth blog. After creating the first three and being unsatisfied, I sat down and designed a blog and put thought into it before hitting the publish button.

This is what I'd like to call a "Secret Blog." Why? Because it's a secret of course! When I asked my mother is I could have a blog, she said no, and no matter how much I tried to convince her, she said no. Of course, I still made it and have to keep up it's content, but it's hard since it's a secret. You can only use, "I'm going out to take pictures for my photoshop class" so many times. I can only update it about once a week (unfortunately) because of that, plus, my internet connection is slow so my pictures won't upload BUT, when I go to college in a few months, I'll be able to take pictures nearly everyday and have a fast connection to upload them!

IT'S NO LONGER A SECRET! I finally told my mom about it and she accepted it, that's why  I love her so:)

My personal fashion is... well... all over the place. I like to call it unique and ever-changing because I don't fall into a set style category. I use what I have and steal from my sister to create whatever style I feel like that day. I've been preppy, punk, romantic, or simply chic. If you browse through my pictures, you will notice that I have all sorts of clothes and styles.

Every once in a while, I will blog about a store. I usually show a few pictures of the products I like the best, with a small review and my personal opinion. I enjoy finding new stores for my readers to browse through as well as keep up the top dogs of the online boutique fashion industry. If you own a store or Etsy account, that you would like me to feature on my blog in a post, email me as shelby_lu1234@hotmail.com.

I love collaborating with brands and would love to collaborate with you! At the time, I am currently not collaborating with brands based on commission and the number of clicks/sells the ad on my blog generates. However, I am interested in in collaborating based on an unique partnership. I offer a space on my sidebar as well as advertising on all of my fashion platforms (Chictopia, What I Wear, Lookbook, Fashionlista, ect...) in exchange for one (1) piece of clothing from your store every month you wish for me to advertise. You get to determine the price of the clothing as long as it is reasonable based on your prices in your store. If interested in becoming a sponsor, or if you have questions/concerns, please email me at shelby_lu1234@hotmail.com

If your interested in getting the name of your brand "out there" while simultaneously gaining new followers, look no further. Why not sponsor a giveaway here at Caged In Clothes? If you have a brand or Etsy account, send me an email at shelby_lu1234@hotmail.com if you are interested in this opportunity. If you sponsor a giveaway, following your Twitter account and liking your Facebook page will be one of the mandatory entries as well as anything else I deem necessary. 

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