Thursday, June 27, 2013

Accessory Thursday

This photo was taken off my Potential Photoshoot Board on Pinterest, but it was originally found on Playing with Scarves.

For the first Accessory Thursday, I was torn between head scarves and round glasses... until I stumbled upon this picture on one of my Pinterest boards! Such luck! It may be a little blurry, but it's such a stunning picture that I still have to share it with you all. What I love about the head scarf, round glasses combo is the vintage feel you achieve when combining the two. What do you think of this wonderful combo?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fake Faux Hawk Anyone?

 It's insane what having a fake faux hawk does to your personality. All day, the only thing I wanted to do was put on a pair of short cut off shorts (which I have a surprise for all of you involving those!), a loose tank top and some combat boots. I also wanted to wave my tongue around in the wind for some reason. Plus, I have the same style today and my boss just said, "Shelby, are you having a bad hair day or is this a new style?" I said, "New style, duh."

Outerwear Wednesday

I got this picture off my Dream Closet Board on Pinterest, but the original photo is from Stylabl.

Okay, so it's a scorching 100 degrees here in Missouri. So what? It's cold in some other part of the world and I'm sure they would all die to get their hands on this coat! Or, I would anyway. I don't even care about the temperature. The deep emerald green is simply fantastic with the color of Abby Lee Kershaw's dress, plus it makes her eyes pop. What I love about this fur coat though, is that it's not plain. Don't get me wrong, any fur coat makes it so that an outfit isn't plain, but this one has an unexpected color and cut! It's fantastic and a staple piece for places with cold weather year round, or for this fall.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Two Piece Tuesday

This was also from my Dream Closet Board on Pinterest, although the picture was originally found at Hippie-Masa. For this Two-Piece Tuesday, I've chosen another bohemian piece, although this one has more of an Aztec vibe. I am drooling over the hot pants and bandeau combo. The design is also incredibly simple, but the simplicity of it is what makes it look so extraordinary.

Monday, June 24, 2013

"My" Pants Monday

I'm now posting 5 days a week (if not more), every week. I'll have a picture a day according to this little daily schedule:

Monday- "My" Pants Monday: Picture of a pair of pants I'm currently in love with that should be mine.

Tuesday- Two Piece Tuesday: Spectacular two pieces (AKA anything with a top and bottom that's the same print).

Wednesday- Outerwear Wednesday: Jackets, coats and blazers galore! Or at least a picture of one.

Thursday- Accessory Thursday: Need I say more?

Friday- Shoe Day Friday: This will be my new favorite day EVER.

So... Let's begin.

I've been all bohemian for a while know, so here is a beautiful pair of crochet pants that should most definitely belong in my closet. I found this picture on Pinterest and put it on my Dream Closet Board for obvious reasons. I'm not sure where the pants are from, but I've traced the photo back to Emily Soto; she's a spectacular photographer!

Anyway, back to the pants. Crochet pants are great for this blazing time of the year we worship called summer. It's an easy way to stay cool why looking hot. Not to mention, it's hard to wear heels/wedges in the summer since girls mainly wear shorts. It's hard to not look hoochie when wearing the deadly shorts and heels combo. These pants are perfect for summer and heels though! LOVE them.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Black Milk Shoes

Hola everyone! I just got back from my mission trip and am rushing to finish this post! It's the second of the Black Milk post.

Ladies and gents (mostly you ladies), I'm about to introduce you to some of the most crazy, galactic, printed  shoes that your eyes have ever had the chance to gaze upon. They're Black Milk X Jeffrey Campbell so you know they're bound to be beautiful. And I'd just like to remind you all that my birthday is coming up in July and I love all these shoes. Just saying ;)

Buy Here for $259.95

Buy Here for $219.95

Buy Here for $259.95



Monday, June 10, 2013

Black Milk Clothing

Buy Here for $115.72
Buy Here for $115.72

Black Milk... That's what happens to your white milk when it sits out to long, right? Well, it doesn't mean that anymore! Black Milk is an online clothing company that, while slightly pricey, hold an extreme amount of wildly insane and unique clothing. It's one of those company where, if someone had just won a million dollars, she would start off a sentence with "If I won a million dollars..." and would end it with "... I'd spend it all on Black Milk Clothing." It's that exceptional.

I had Hundreds of clothing items that I've fallen in love with on their site, so I'll try to only show you a few from each category that I believe stand out the most. You've already seen the jumpsuit above.

Buy Here for $72.32
Buy Here for $73.32

I am in complete awe when it comes to their leggings.

They even have star wars and middle earth ones for you sci-fi fans like myself!

Buy Here for $95.47

Buy Here for $67.50

More Wildness

Buy Here for $106.07
Buy Here for $95.47

Middle Earth and Alice in Wonder- Land dresses?


Currently out of Stock
Buy Here fore $77.14


 Look at these spectac-
ular capes!

Can I please get one of each?

Buy Here for $93.31

Buy Here for $93.31



Thank you Black Milk for putting me in suspender heaven!

 I'm having to do a separate post specifically for their shoes! They're only Jeffrey Campbell, so you know I can't have enough room on this post for them!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Color Run 2013

Saturday was the Color Run and I had such a blast participating in it this year! I normally don't do personal posts, but this was so much fun and I want to encourage everyone who can to do it next year! 
For those of you not familiar with the Color Run, I'll tell you a bit about it. The color run is an annual 5K (three mile) run/walk that allows participants of all ages to partake in. Throughout the course, participants go through "Color Stations" which is where volunteers through colored powder on them. Also, there are a couple of midways stations where people spray colored water on you. 
The funds raised from the Color Run go to the Ronald McDonald House.
This is before the run, notice the white shirt. It won't stay that way for long.

This was right at the beginning when we got squirted with pink water!

Yellow was the first color they tossed on us!
Orange was #2! That's my sister on the  left:)

That's where they threw the pink powder on us!

Woohoo for blue!!

These are the packets we tossed in the air at the end, we used them on our faces too...
That's my cousin Jessica! She's pretty darn cool and has a boyfriend who loves Ford Trucks.

So. Much. Powder.

My sis took this on her phone. It was the very end of the race!

Here we are after they used a leaf blower to knock off the loose powder!
We went to Golden Coral to eat looking like this:) Talk about a conversation starter!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer Essentials: $35 and Under

It may technically still be spring, but let's be truthful now; as soon as school's out, summer has started. This means that we still need to shave a couple inches off of our clothes, buy some sunglasses and work on that bikini body! (Although everyone is beautiful just the way they are!!) Anyway, I've complied this list of everything a girl needs to make her summer a more beautiful place!

1. Mesh filled or wild-printed leggings.

Buy Here for $21
Buy Here for $22

2. Shorts that, while unique, can be super versatile.

Buy Here for $23
Buy Here for $31

3. A simple maxi and playful maxi.

Buy Here for $31
Buy Here for $34.76

4. Minimum of one crop top

Buy Here for $29.9 
Buy Here for $31 

5. Round Sunglasses with a touch of flair.

Buy Here for $27

6. A printed cap.

Buy Here for $23

7. And lastly... You probably need one of these to make your summer a more beautiful place.

Not currently available for purchase