Monday, June 24, 2013

"My" Pants Monday

I'm now posting 5 days a week (if not more), every week. I'll have a picture a day according to this little daily schedule:

Monday- "My" Pants Monday: Picture of a pair of pants I'm currently in love with that should be mine.

Tuesday- Two Piece Tuesday: Spectacular two pieces (AKA anything with a top and bottom that's the same print).

Wednesday- Outerwear Wednesday: Jackets, coats and blazers galore! Or at least a picture of one.

Thursday- Accessory Thursday: Need I say more?

Friday- Shoe Day Friday: This will be my new favorite day EVER.

So... Let's begin.

I've been all bohemian for a while know, so here is a beautiful pair of crochet pants that should most definitely belong in my closet. I found this picture on Pinterest and put it on my Dream Closet Board for obvious reasons. I'm not sure where the pants are from, but I've traced the photo back to Emily Soto; she's a spectacular photographer!

Anyway, back to the pants. Crochet pants are great for this blazing time of the year we worship called summer. It's an easy way to stay cool why looking hot. Not to mention, it's hard to wear heels/wedges in the summer since girls mainly wear shorts. It's hard to not look hoochie when wearing the deadly shorts and heels combo. These pants are perfect for summer and heels though! LOVE them.


  1. Wow, such beautiful pants, would love to rock them!

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