Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer Essentials: $35 and Under

It may technically still be spring, but let's be truthful now; as soon as school's out, summer has started. This means that we still need to shave a couple inches off of our clothes, buy some sunglasses and work on that bikini body! (Although everyone is beautiful just the way they are!!) Anyway, I've complied this list of everything a girl needs to make her summer a more beautiful place!

1. Mesh filled or wild-printed leggings.

Buy Here for $21
Buy Here for $22

2. Shorts that, while unique, can be super versatile.

Buy Here for $23
Buy Here for $31

3. A simple maxi and playful maxi.

Buy Here for $31
Buy Here for $34.76

4. Minimum of one crop top

Buy Here for $29.9 
Buy Here for $31 

5. Round Sunglasses with a touch of flair.

Buy Here for $27

6. A printed cap.

Buy Here for $23

7. And lastly... You probably need one of these to make your summer a more beautiful place.

Not currently available for purchase

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