Friday, November 30, 2012

Fashion Vouchers Competition

It's another comp-comp-competition time! This time it is sponsored by Fashion Vouchers. For the competition, I had to choose one of their merchants and create a Christmas  Party outfit for £100 or under PLUS I was allowed to use any of the discounts on their site. If you'd like to participate in the competition as well, click HERE. Otherwise, keep reading to here about the outfit pieces I chose!:

You all know how I feel about dresses and Christmas parties... there's to many of them. No matter how pretty your dress is, you're still wearing one along with every other girl at the party. That's why I love that Glamorous was one of the merchants in the list to choose from! These sequin shorts would look gorgeous when paired with the simple black bodysuit with those mesh inserts. And, since it's a party, the more sequins the better right? Your wardrobe needs to sparkle as much as your personality which is why those sequins wedges and cardi is going to make you the girl that everyone wants to talk to at the party! You're not wearing a dress too, so prepare to look good, stand out and have fun! Not to mention, if you added all the prices up, it's more than £100, well, with the code GLAMOROUS20 (as found on you'd get 20% off the order, which is what kept me in the limit for the competition! Thanks Fashion Vouchers!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What's Coming Up

It's going to be a little while before everything happens but boy-oh-boy does Caged In Clothes have some AMAZING posts coming up! Want to know a few? Read below:

One post that you will be seeing next month is my coverage on the new Ashley Zaba swimwear line! Yes ladies, she's expanding to the US and her designs will be found in  a few cities away from me! I'm going to take a train ride up there with my best male friend, Mason, and get our photoshoot on! You'll be able to see some of her new line plus get to read my exclusive interview with her! Wow, I've used so many exclamation marks, can you tell I'm relly excited for this?

Ah Ooh La Luxe!What exactly am I AHing? Well, Ooh La Luxe is boutique that resides in California and is ran by the fantastic Kim Lawson. I came across it when on Chictopia one afternoon and instantly fell head over heels for it! Such uniqueness! I contacted the owner who was more than thrilled to let me interview her for a post. She even gave me a little suprise for you all: Use code CAGEDINCLOTHES10 to get 10% off on your order (Expires 1/31/13)! I most definitley took advantage of getting a percentage off and bought myself a leather bodysuit with mesh inserts. This bodysuit is only for the daring, but hey, daring is my middle name (it's actually Lu which is a super girly, the exact opposite of daring, kind of middle name). Anyway, stay tuned for this post because it should be up in the next few weeks!

Another designer? How about two for one line? Um, yes! Yan by Hannah Cusack is one line that you're going to want to keep your eyes glued to. Currently students at Mizzou, these two visionaries have already been in St. Charles fashion week and are currently prepping for the Kansas City fashion week this up-in-coming spring. Their line that they featured at the St. Charles fashion week featured bold, aztecian prints, feathers and fringes. What's next?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cut and Dye

It was cold out. Not the kind of cold that freezes water, but the kind that makes your hair stand straight up on your spine. It was the breezes. It was that time of the year. It was fall. Finally.
Brown leaves and that cool breeze. Spiked necklace cold against her neck. She's at a soccer field in a small town but dreaming of traveling to a bigger city. She wants to see the world, see fashion, see new people. But all she can see right now is the warm, black leather jacket calling her name.

ABOUT THE LOOK: I cut my hair! And dyed it, as well as you can see. I'm not too happy with it, but it's exactly what I told my hair dresser to do (AKA my mom). When I first got it, I straightened it and I looked like Cher or the girl off the Adams Family. Bleh. I feel like I'll figure it out how to rock it though. So, about the look; I went for a toned-down rocker sort of look. I have tight pants on and snakeskin/suede heels, but paired it with this nice white sweater to give it a softer touch. Although the spiked necklace leans more towards the rocker side, it's still a pretty balanced outfit.

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Friday, November 23, 2012


It's hard to be so darn pertfect. The hair, the lighting, the outfit, the face, it all has to be perfect if you're a blogger. It's what's expected... but let's be reasonable... who is ever perfect? It's time to show the behind-the-scenes, the unedited. The part that isn't perfect.
(Hi Heather!)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Barratt Winter Wonderland II

Dresses, dresses, dresses. Isn't that all we see at Christmas parties anymore? Why blend in with the bunch of twirling Tweedle Dees when you can attract all of the attention in this super cute Peplum Mesh Romper ($48.00)? Pair it with this super sexy, stylish and studded pair of shoes from Barratts called the Truffle Spike Stud Wedge Ankle Boots (£45.00) and Barratts Satin Clutch Bag With Diamante Trim (£15.00 ). For accessories, I would pair this daring outfit with Nasty Gal's Braided Wool Hat - Wine ($38.00) and incredible Chain Reaction Handpiece ($20.00).

This is the second part of the Barratts competition! ENTER HERE

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giddy Gal

Little Blue Riding Hood. Alive is Alice in her Wonderland. Eyes wide, they're gawking. The wonders in this fairy tale-like world. Look into a mirror and wave, she doesn't wait for the reflection to wave back. She doesn't let herself hold her back anymore. Look at her... She's free. She was stuck in a metal box, her tears were filling it, but she found the plug and pulled it straight out. Now its drained and she's broken one of the sides of that box down and she has released herself into this marvelous... this mysterious world.

ABOUT THE LOOK: In the last post, I showed you all how you can look sexy in this coat, but looky here! In the same day, same outfit, I was able to release my inner child and have such a jolly good time and manage to look fabulous while doing it! I'm not bragging... well... maybe a little:)

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Barratts Winter Wonderland I

What would you wear if you decided to go on a walk in a Winter Wonderland? Well, this is exactly what I would wear. Why sacrifice style for comfort? You shouldn't have to! The Axl Velvet Pants ($128.00) extend past the belly button and are sure to keep you warm! The Sliced Sleeve Knit Sweater ($68.00) may not look to warm, but will look super cute after you take the oh-so cozy and oh-so stylish Dip Dye Faux Fur Jacket ($228.00) off after your stroll in the white snow. Don't forget the shoes though! All the way from Barrats online store, these Rieker Ankle Boots With Zip Trim (£65.00) will keep your toesies warm and lookin' incredibly fine when strutting through the snow! Lastly, the Acess Envelope Style Clutch Bag (£13.00) will hold your phone, iPod and backup mistletoe;)

This is for ANOTHER blogger competition via Barratts. I love their shoes so I jumped at the opportunity to participate in this! Expect a few more posts like this collage for Barratts. Plus, if you want to enter, CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE to vote for me in the current competition. Remember that, if I win, I'll get a clutch to giveaway for you all!
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Monday, November 19, 2012

In The End, We're All Blue

She. Is. Preparing. Prep-Prep-Prepping she is. Her goals are clear, yet her mind is swamped. So much to do! So much to do! So. Little. Time. Barely a month before the deadline hits and her funds are lower than the Grand Canyon is deep. She is ready for it all to be over. Ready for it to start more likely... if it even does. She needs money. She needs permission. She needs directions. Literally. She's going to get lost, but that's what friends are for... or at least friend's GPS'.

ABOUT THE LOOK: Smize first ladies and few gents! I told you that I have three sets of these pictures; smizing, giddy and bloopers. I chose the smizing ones first. So, about it. This is my friends coat. I am IN LOVE with it. The color. The style. THE BUTTONS. This coat is what I now envision when I think of fall.

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Chance to Win This Clutch

CLICK HERE to like my picture on FaceBook from the Glamorous Blogger Competition. If I win the grand prize (£200!) I'll use some if it to purchase this clutch and hold a giveaway for all of you! The clutch features an oversized envelope style accompanied with studs as you can very well see.
It's a perfect clutch to go along with all of your holiday outfits! So, if you want a chance to win it, like my picture and help me win!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Im A Finalist!

Remember that picture I posted about the GLAMOROUS blogger competition? Well, I'm a finalist! To win, I need the most likes on my picture so, to encourage you all to like my picture, I'll make you a deal...


Sounds pretty cool right? So if you want to win something (I'm thinking a cute clutch since it's one size fits all), like the picture below by clicking RIGHT HERE

Monday, November 12, 2012

I Need YOUR Help

I am trying to do something big. I mean BIG. I got invited to St. Louis by fashion designer Ashley Zaba to check out her latest collection! This is so huge for me! I was so stoked when she asked and I really want to go, but, unfortunately, there's a dilemma... I need a smidge of extra moola to make it up there. Fortunately for me, I'm a mark. cosmetics rep so it allows me to make money whenever I feel like it... even though I have yet to sell a single thing.

Anyway, how can you help I just heard you ask?! Many ways! The most obvious would be to purchase something from my mark. eboutique. There is so much more than just cosmetics too! There are gorgeous fashion pieces, jewelry, bath and body! It's like a mini mall for girls and guess what? Reasonable prices! With the holiday season coming, why not stalk up on last minute gifts/stocking stuffers now? Plus, there is always cool deals to save you money, like the one below:

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So just copy and paste it! That simple! Plus, anyone who puts it on their blog, has an opportunity to be featured on my new Blog Roll. 
                                                                 Actual banner size!

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Glamorous Blogger Competition


Black Wedge High Top Trainers: £29.99
Glamorous is running a blogger competition and the prize is £200 worth of clothes from their amazing website! To win, you have to be a blogger and create a collage of your dream Glamorous outfit with a budget of £200, like I did above.If you want to enter this competition, create a blog post with your wishlist and then email the link to by 12th of November. The top 10 entries will then be featured on the Glamorous facebook page, where they will be open to voting. The winner is the one who gets the most likes. For full details please click here.

As for my wishlist, here it is! I fell in love with pretty much all of Glamorous' clothes, so picking out one outfit was pretty darn hard, but I love what I finished with. I decided to start out with the body suit (I've been wanting one FOREVER) Pair it with those striped pants, and even if the stripes thickness is a bit different, my body will seem so long and tall from them! The mesh part of the body suit will give it a sexy feel, but with the layers, still modest. I would unzip the burgundy peplum shirt and put it over the body suit and then top it off with that gorgeous moto jacket. Lastly, I would finish with those High Top wedges. They are so sweet. Just sayin.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tell Me

Hey everyone! Here is a sneak peak of a shoot I did with Heather and Andrea. I have SO many pictures I'm splitting one post into 3! It's going to be serious pictures (me not smiling, doing that smize thing I do so well), what I call "giddy" pictures (Just fun, cute pictures), and... of course... a whole post dedicated to bloopers. I'm going to do the bloopers post last, but I want to know from you all which of the others I should do first; Smize or Giddy? Tell me, tell me and I'll make it happen.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Little to Late for Skeletons

Halloween has passed but she's still here. She lurks. She spies. She waits. Her bones show through; the moon's lights casting shadows on her already sullen face. Midnight's passed and her pumpkin has disappeared. Someone smashed it. Figures. Oh well. She still has her white Chevy S10 pickup, full of old pizza, candy wrappers and clothes and makeup. It's time to return to being her usual self. It's time to return to human form.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lavish Alice

You all know how I like me a good store. What you don't know is how I LOVE me an amazing, stylish, trendy online boutique! I recently discovered one too! Ladies and gals, if I may present Lavish Alice. Lavish Alice has amazing, staple pieces for fall and winter and, what I like most, they're affordable! If I had a million dollars, I'd blow it all on Lavish Alice (and best of all, I'd still have 99 thousand left because they're so reasonably priced!).
I'm not even really sure how to describe their clothing it's so unique, so why not give it to you straight from their site?
And it really is. Lavish Alice carries the type of clothing you want to wear if you're the type of person who describes your style as unqie, crazy and yet has a hint of sophistication. I was going to pick out a couple of my favorite pieces of theirs, but it turned into the giant list below! Check it out and tell me what you think about Alice in the Comments!


Lavish Alice has some of the most beautiful bralletes and some of the most unique leggings I've seen in stores yet. If you haven't checked out their store yet, you better do it because you're missing out!

Monday, November 5, 2012

I Know the Sky

I know the sky better than anyone else. Why? My head is always in it. I can't concentrate anymore. Dreams fill my head and I must fulfill them. Chase them. Well, I try. Think of what you want then reach out and grab it. For me, what I want is just out of reach and I need someone to push it forward so I can at least touch it. Is it possible? I hope so. Help me.

ABOUT THE LOOK: Lace on lace? I say yes. I tucked in a lace peplum shirt into my triple buttoned, high waisted shorts that I got from Plato's closet. I added this super gorgeous lace jacket that I got from Rue 21. I wasn't to sure of putting lace on lace at first, but it turned out pretty nice. I think it's the jewelry that tied it in as well. I have a cute little peter pan collar necklace from Rue 21 and my friends earring. What do you all think about lace on lace?

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BEHIND THE SCENES: My friend and photographer was with me like always, but today, my other best friend joined us in our photography journey. Her name is Heather, but I call her Chug-A-Muffin. Don't ask why, just accept it. Anyway, I just can't be serious with her around. I can hardly control myself with just Andrea. You'll be able to see both of them in the next couple of weeks because I have posts to, well... post and they are in them!