Monday, November 12, 2012

I Need YOUR Help

I am trying to do something big. I mean BIG. I got invited to St. Louis by fashion designer Ashley Zaba to check out her latest collection! This is so huge for me! I was so stoked when she asked and I really want to go, but, unfortunately, there's a dilemma... I need a smidge of extra moola to make it up there. Fortunately for me, I'm a mark. cosmetics rep so it allows me to make money whenever I feel like it... even though I have yet to sell a single thing.

Anyway, how can you help I just heard you ask?! Many ways! The most obvious would be to purchase something from my mark. eboutique. There is so much more than just cosmetics too! There are gorgeous fashion pieces, jewelry, bath and body! It's like a mini mall for girls and guess what? Reasonable prices! With the holiday season coming, why not stalk up on last minute gifts/stocking stuffers now? Plus, there is always cool deals to save you money, like the one below:

Way numero dos? Help advertise my mark. boutique! I have a 300X150 side banner that is calling your blog. It's saying "Put me on your side bar! Put me there oh please!" So be nice, say yes. The HTML for the button is: <a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="Mark"/></a>
So just copy and paste it! That simple! Plus, anyone who puts it on their blog, has an opportunity to be featured on my new Blog Roll. 
                                                                 Actual banner size!

Lastly, like my Facebook Page. Just by liking my Facebook Page, you have the opportunity to share posts with your friends who might be interested in purchasing something and that could be the difference in me going... or not. so do you really want to be responsible for me not having the opportunity to put up an amazing post about a fashion designer that I met in person? No? I didn't think so. Thanks everyone!

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