Friday, November 30, 2012

Fashion Vouchers Competition

It's another comp-comp-competition time! This time it is sponsored by Fashion Vouchers. For the competition, I had to choose one of their merchants and create a Christmas  Party outfit for £100 or under PLUS I was allowed to use any of the discounts on their site. If you'd like to participate in the competition as well, click HERE. Otherwise, keep reading to here about the outfit pieces I chose!:

You all know how I feel about dresses and Christmas parties... there's to many of them. No matter how pretty your dress is, you're still wearing one along with every other girl at the party. That's why I love that Glamorous was one of the merchants in the list to choose from! These sequin shorts would look gorgeous when paired with the simple black bodysuit with those mesh inserts. And, since it's a party, the more sequins the better right? Your wardrobe needs to sparkle as much as your personality which is why those sequins wedges and cardi is going to make you the girl that everyone wants to talk to at the party! You're not wearing a dress too, so prepare to look good, stand out and have fun! Not to mention, if you added all the prices up, it's more than £100, well, with the code GLAMOROUS20 (as found on you'd get 20% off the order, which is what kept me in the limit for the competition! Thanks Fashion Vouchers!

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