Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lavish Alice

You all know how I like me a good store. What you don't know is how I LOVE me an amazing, stylish, trendy online boutique! I recently discovered one too! Ladies and gals, if I may present Lavish Alice. Lavish Alice has amazing, staple pieces for fall and winter and, what I like most, they're affordable! If I had a million dollars, I'd blow it all on Lavish Alice (and best of all, I'd still have 99 thousand left because they're so reasonably priced!).
I'm not even really sure how to describe their clothing it's so unique, so why not give it to you straight from their site?
And it really is. Lavish Alice carries the type of clothing you want to wear if you're the type of person who describes your style as unqie, crazy and yet has a hint of sophistication. I was going to pick out a couple of my favorite pieces of theirs, but it turned into the giant list below! Check it out and tell me what you think about Alice in the Comments!


Lavish Alice has some of the most beautiful bralletes and some of the most unique leggings I've seen in stores yet. If you haven't checked out their store yet, you better do it because you're missing out!

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