Friday, January 18, 2013

5 Minutes in the Life of Shelby

*Clears throat* Eh, Eh, Ehmm. Ladies and Gents, I did a photo shoot BMS (AKA by myself) today. The outcome? Low quality pictures and a series of shots that have absolutely nothing to do with fashion. So, I, Shelby, present: 5 MINUTES IN THE LIFE OF SHELBY.
We will firstly begin with this picture. I will still trying to get in some good shots and I thought it'd be awesome to pose with my cat, Miss Kitty, but thanks to me being tired (mostly because I hung out with some Texas guys til late late the night before) and the low quality camera and the sun going down, I decided to just... take other pictures.

Turns out that I really just wanted to kiss Miss Kitty. Although she most definitely did NOT want one. She pulled the claws out as soon as I puckered up!

It was then that I said "screw Miss Kitty!" and took this lovely picture... of my shoulder. I thought those spikes were lovely and believed you all might appriciate them too.

Lastly, I got a call from my mom who told me to go get some burger out for dinner. So I did. I also pretended to eat it. Yum Yum!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Most Bangin' Lookbooks Around

You know when an online boutique decides to show off their outstanding collection of clothes by putting on a photo shoot and then putting the pictures together and calling it their Lookbook? Well, if you didn't, you do know. I've been scouring the web for some of the most creative, beautiful and unique Lookbooks from both known and not-so-known shops. What I found brought tears to my eyes from the pure beauty I saw that I am going to share with you now. Enjoy.

From the shop: Tunnel Vision

From the shop: Nasty Gal
From the shop: Wasteland

From the Shop: Gypsum Fox

From the shop: Wildfox Couture

From the shop: Victorias Secret

From the shop: Love Story

From the shop: LF Stores

Do you know any other spectacular Lookbooks I should add to my list?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

OASAP Wishlist

I love OASAP and am always so happy that I'm affiliated with them. I was just browsing their site when it hit me how many clothes and jewelry and shoes I want from them! *Wipes drool off mouth* I am in serious need of  some cash to blow on my every wish and desire from that store, although it's super unlikely to happen (Thanks a mil outrageous college prices). Until I become a millionaire, I'll just settle my lust for clothes by showing you all my wishlist!

I'm not sure what it is about the Round Neck Bound Waist Long Dress that I love so much! It's just stunning.

I use to hate, and I mean HATE velvet anything, but I'm really starting to like it now. OASAP's Retro Velvet Pleated Skirt  makes me continue liking velvet more and more and... well... more.

Can I pretty please just own this Cutout Sweater already?

Someone wanna roll my tongue back in my mouth? It fell out after I though about how good I'd look in This Dress.

Roll back a few months: Dear Santa, I would love to find these Double Pin Buckle Ankle Boots  in my stocking.
I'll take two of these magnificent Earcuffs please!
So. Much. More. I can't fit everything onto my wish list, I just can't. To much to love<3

Friday, January 11, 2013

Showcase Your Style #2

This week I had a couple of lovely bloggers send me their info. for this week's SYS post. Don't forget that anyone can be featured, blogger or not. Just click on the Showcase Your Style tab up above.

Guste, Lithuania, Diary of Guste

My style is quite simple and girly. I love to wear dresses and skirts all the time and add vintage accessories. Also, it's changes sometimes depending on my mood.

Queenly Tan, Philippines, Queenly Tan

I'm always having fun in doing mix-and-match outfits. Girly-girl, boyish, simple, chic, preppy, I always wanna try them all. Sometimes, I make my outfit depending on my mood; happy, excited, feeling blue. I dress on how I wanted to be dressed, not because it's a trend that I must follow for the sake of being a fashion lover. It's the personal style that lasts.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tomorrow's Friday!

Ok everyone! Tomorrow is Friday and you know what that means! It means another round of Showcase Your Style. I have to lovely ladies who have sent in a picture and their information and I still have room for a few more for tomorrow's post. So, if you want your style to be seen by all of my readers CLICK HERE for directions on how you can be featured on Caged In Clothes tomorrow. It's super simple; just snap a pic of yourself in your favorite outfit (or use one you already had), send me it along with a short bio of yourself and make sure to be a follower. Super simple and you will get some exposure for your blog as well if you have one. You don't have to be a blogger for your style to be showcased:)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bricks, Splinters and Love

Sitting on red, rough bricks. Walking on splintering train tracks. Posing on hard, cold cement. It's barely hitting 40 degrees out there and she's wearing skin tight pants, a strapless shirt and a mesh jacket. Her hair is rock hair from the 20 pounds of hairspray she just put in it and her face has maybe a little too much blush on it. Lipstick is on her front tooth; she uses her ice cold finger to smudge it off though. Toes are going a little numb and she continues to do the same four poses until she throws a fit that she completely sucks at posing and needs new posing ideas. Then she trips in her wedges. Oh ya, the glamorous life of a fashion blogger. She loves it.

ABOUT THE LOOK: This is a complete party outfit. I got these pants and shoes on my fabulous trip to St. Louis. They are from this amazing store called Love Culture. I spent way to much there... Anyway, I paired the disco pants with a strapless peplum from Rue 21 and a mesh jacket from Debs. To really make this outfit party ready though, I added a piece of body jewelry from Icing. I'm really into body jewelry right now and need a few more pieces. Preferably for cheap. Any ideas where to get some? Tell me in the comments!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Anastasia Gelfman Silis

What would you think if I told you that the girl pictured above holds a B.Sc in mechanical engineering? You'd probably ask why. I mean she's beautiful; endowed with doe eyes and legs that stretch for miles, Anastasia Gelfman Silis from Mumbai, India has the makings of a model. It's no wonder she's currently on a journey from engineering to fashion design and she is traveling down that path with ease.

Silis currently designs her own fashion line which, in my opinion, mixes sophistication with bits and pieces of high fashion. You can see a piece of her collection a week on her blog, LET THEM STARE. Not only does she show off the clothes she designs in her wonderful photo shoots, but she also gives them away.

Today, I'm going to show you some of my favorite of her photos, tell you why and if she designed something in the her photograph.

This picture is from the beginning of Silis' blogging journey. Although none of the clothes are from her collection, I love her outfit. It exudes simplicity, yet is carefully formulated to make her legs look ah-mazing. The short shorts combined with her heels and her sweater hitting just at her waist make them look incredibly long.

If you don't think this photo is simply stunning, you have lost your mind. In this picture, Silis looks like a model straight out of an ad in a magazine. Her messy, yet sophisticated, hair matches perfectly with the pompus skirt she herself designed.

Although this dress is from ASOS, Silis changed it to her liking by altering the cut of it. I think the way she can go from simple to glamorous to girly is fantastic!

The story Silis paired with her photo shoot was amazing. She described herself as a mermaid who had traveled to land and lost her tail. It was a fantastic tale;) Anyway, she designed the dress she is wearing. Isn't it gorgeous? I think it is.

Another dress designed by her outrageous imagination! I knew this would be one of the pictures I would show you all because look at how her dress flows, how beautiful the print is, how well it fits, ect. Plus, this girl knows how to pose! Once more, she looks like someone straight out of a magazine.

Simple. Sexy. Girly. Innocent. Who can be all of the above besides Silis? Not many people. She did such a fantastic job posing and prepping for this shot. Her makeup and hair is gorgeous and her dress is the latter too. A dress she made and gave away.

A boxed, low cut back on a dress? Genius, and by genius, I mean something as stunning as the reflective sunset on the ocean. Snaps for silis' creation on this dress!

You want to talk about modest in the front, party in the back, this dress is most definitely for you. Silis created the perfect day to night dress. Throw on a comfy cardigan during the day, then take it off for the big reveal at night.

And now I've caught you up to the present with her latest shoot/giveaway. She calls this the "Rihanna Blouse." She should have a new post up within the next couple of days so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

*All photos taken with permission from LET THEM STARE*

Ashley Zaba Giveaway!

Well, my giveaway is over and the lucky winner was Vittoria G.! She's already been emailed and is ready to receive her prize. Don't think that, just because you didn't win this time doesn't mean you won't win next time though! I actually have another giveaway via my good friend Ashley Zaba! I'm a huge fan of her swimsuit line and I just got one of her swimsuits too (post to come). Anyway, check out here giveaway by clicking HERE.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Showcase Your Style #1

Hey everyone! It's time for my new Friday feature, Showcase Your Style. This is where I choose 5-10 amazing guys and gals who have sent me an email with the info found HERE and now they have the opportunity to show off their style on Caged In Clothes. Anyone can be featured, blogger or non, guy or girl, so feel free to check out the Showcase Your Style page and maybe you can be featured next week!

This week I had three spectacular bloggers send me their photos and information! Look at them below and if you like them (which I know you will) be sure to click their link and check out their blogs.

Ciara, England, A Trickle of Meaning

I'd describe my style as cute and youthful. i always try to add a quirky or vintage edge to any outfit. 

Tori Radday, United States, Fashion Trends More

My style is very feminine and vintage. I love drawing inspiration from old movies such as Grease and  Breakfast Club, old Hollywood glamour, tumblr and other  fashion bloggers. On any given weekend, you can find me shopping for new vintage finds at thrift shops.

Alyssa Pritchett, Dressing With Desire

My style is everchanging and is always determined by my mood. I am often inspired by other bloggers, magazines, and people on the street.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013


(From my Instagram: @Shelbylugal)
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Wow, another year has gone by and I actually feel as though I've accomplished something with my life this year. It's a new feeling and I like it so I'm going to make sure it continues into 2013!

That's me in the picture above (obviously), it's a little blurry because I took it indoors with my tablet, but you can kind of see what I wore for NYE... but don't think I did anything too exciting. My NYE didn't consist of glamorous parties or anything, no... what it did consist of, however, is Katy's BBQ with my parents and sister, going to my cousins house for about an hour before Les Miserables started, but then going home because of the snow. After that, I just sat at home stuffing my face with cheese dip and RC. Fun right?

Anyway, before I set this to post right at 12 O'clock, I have a couple things to say:
First, if you look at the instagram pic, you can kind of see my new ear piercing! Cartilage:) 
Second, here are my two resolutions I decided on for good old 2013:

1. LEARN FRENCH-- I'm going to self teach myself French! 

2. COMMIT TO CAGED IN CLOTHES-- No less than 3 posts a week I do declare!

What are your New Year Resolutions? And, CLICK HERE TO ENTER MY GIVEAWAY! Ends in 5 days