Saturday, January 12, 2013

OASAP Wishlist

I love OASAP and am always so happy that I'm affiliated with them. I was just browsing their site when it hit me how many clothes and jewelry and shoes I want from them! *Wipes drool off mouth* I am in serious need of  some cash to blow on my every wish and desire from that store, although it's super unlikely to happen (Thanks a mil outrageous college prices). Until I become a millionaire, I'll just settle my lust for clothes by showing you all my wishlist!

I'm not sure what it is about the Round Neck Bound Waist Long Dress that I love so much! It's just stunning.

I use to hate, and I mean HATE velvet anything, but I'm really starting to like it now. OASAP's Retro Velvet Pleated Skirt  makes me continue liking velvet more and more and... well... more.

Can I pretty please just own this Cutout Sweater already?

Someone wanna roll my tongue back in my mouth? It fell out after I though about how good I'd look in This Dress.

Roll back a few months: Dear Santa, I would love to find these Double Pin Buckle Ankle Boots  in my stocking.
I'll take two of these magnificent Earcuffs please!
So. Much. More. I can't fit everything onto my wish list, I just can't. To much to love<3

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