Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bricks, Splinters and Love

Sitting on red, rough bricks. Walking on splintering train tracks. Posing on hard, cold cement. It's barely hitting 40 degrees out there and she's wearing skin tight pants, a strapless shirt and a mesh jacket. Her hair is rock hair from the 20 pounds of hairspray she just put in it and her face has maybe a little too much blush on it. Lipstick is on her front tooth; she uses her ice cold finger to smudge it off though. Toes are going a little numb and she continues to do the same four poses until she throws a fit that she completely sucks at posing and needs new posing ideas. Then she trips in her wedges. Oh ya, the glamorous life of a fashion blogger. She loves it.

ABOUT THE LOOK: This is a complete party outfit. I got these pants and shoes on my fabulous trip to St. Louis. They are from this amazing store called Love Culture. I spent way to much there... Anyway, I paired the disco pants with a strapless peplum from Rue 21 and a mesh jacket from Debs. To really make this outfit party ready though, I added a piece of body jewelry from Icing. I'm really into body jewelry right now and need a few more pieces. Preferably for cheap. Any ideas where to get some? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. You look great, very cool outfit!