Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Two Piece Tuesday

You can find this picture on my Dream Closet Board from pinterest, although the originals can be found on The Cult of Style.

How about a little swimsuit action for this Two Piece Tuesday? The fabulous model Angie Svinarenko shows off this blue floral swimsuit for us this Tuesday evening.  I love the accessories she wears as well; big and chunky bangels and cuffs. Simply fantastic!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Living Comic

It's one of those side-step, tuck and roll, jump over the brick wall and whack the turtle ninja on the head with an incredibly light super hammer type of days. What does all that mean? Heck if she knows, but it perfectly explains how she feels at the moment. Being in college, being a young adult, you have to try different looks because you still don't know who you truly are until you put your hair in a faux hawk, your body in a leather mesh body suit and your booty in a skirt filled with comic strip phrases.

ABOUT THE LOOK: I don't really do many looks like this, but I love it! It gives me an excuse to act crazy because I look the part. I got the skirt from Rue 21, the body suit from Ooh La Luxe and the shoes from a thrift shop! The skirt is my favorite part; so bright and colorful and OUT THERE! But you have to be careful about what you mix with it. Notice how I used all black for everything else so that the outfit isn't over powerful.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Touch The Sky

The temperature outside is scorching, so why wear real clothes? She decides that a vintage lace dress, a bandeau and hot pants are all she needs. And her hair. It's always so long, so tangled, so hot. It's been time for a change, but the sense of security that comes with long hair is hard to let go of; She fakes it instead. The breeze races throughout the corn rows and rustles the fake faux hawk on her head. How peaceful.

ABOUT THE LOOK: I went to Arizona on a mission trip and we traveled to this spectacular thrift shop. It sold me the dress and boots for two dollars each. Did you just faint? I know I did when I heard the price. Anyway, it's festival season and I thought some of you might like to wear something like this out to one of the burning hot festivals. P.S. all the jewelry I'm wearing is 100% Native American made. Most of it from Navajos. Love it!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Outwear Wednesday

You can find this picture on my Dream Closet board on Pinterest.

It would be impossible to find a better piece of outwear to show you all this beautiful Wednesday than this spectacular coat! It's the five thousand gold feathers trench coat from Burberry. I don't even need a lengthy explanation why I love it, just scroll back up and look at the coat some more.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Two Piece Tuesday

This photo came from my Dream Closet board on Pinterest, although I cannot find the original source... yet.

It's summer time and what better way to express my love for it on this fantastic Two Piece Tuesday than by sharing this photo with you! To begin, I love the high waisted shorts because it balances the itsy-bitsiness of the bralette. Let's admit it, bralettes can easily look a bit... uhm... skanky at times. However, pairing these shorts and the shawl with it makes it so that most of your body is still covered, just like in this photo!

Monday, July 1, 2013

"My" Pants Monday

This picture and more can be found on my Dream Closet board on Pinterest, although the original image can be found on Love Knotted.

I'd like to start off by saying that I love the look of this picture. It has a vintage feel that I'm gaga for right now, even though the clothing is modern. Anyway, to the pants! I love these pants for many reasons, so where to begin, where to begin. Firstly, the fit. They're skinnies, but they have a little wiggle room. Second, they're purely silver sequins! Cascading from top to bottom, the sequins make these pants seem like a mermaid tail, but for human legs!