Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Living Comic

It's one of those side-step, tuck and roll, jump over the brick wall and whack the turtle ninja on the head with an incredibly light super hammer type of days. What does all that mean? Heck if she knows, but it perfectly explains how she feels at the moment. Being in college, being a young adult, you have to try different looks because you still don't know who you truly are until you put your hair in a faux hawk, your body in a leather mesh body suit and your booty in a skirt filled with comic strip phrases.

ABOUT THE LOOK: I don't really do many looks like this, but I love it! It gives me an excuse to act crazy because I look the part. I got the skirt from Rue 21, the body suit from Ooh La Luxe and the shoes from a thrift shop! The skirt is my favorite part; so bright and colorful and OUT THERE! But you have to be careful about what you mix with it. Notice how I used all black for everything else so that the outfit isn't over powerful.


  1. Gorgeous look, I love the hairstyle!

  2. I Love that Hairstyle and that skirt! :)
    Xx Pam