Saturday, September 28, 2013

You'll Never Believe

 Look right, look left, look up, check the time. 17 Seconds have gone by! How fantastic! She clicks the refresh button and reloads her email for the fourth time that minute, but there it is. What she's been waiting for. You'll understand in a few days.

ABOUT THE LOOK: Isn't it supposed to be fall? Cooler weather is supposed to be coming, right? Because when I put on these fancy leggings, I didn't know I was going to sweat myself out of them. Anyway, today I went for a slightly more sophisticated style than I have been doing. Everything is from Rue21 except for the boots. I noticed a lot of cat print and inspiration on the runway this season, so I decided these cheetah print, baroque leggings would be a fine choice for such a day. Sorry to rant on and on, but I have some fantastic news that I'll tell you in a day or so! (Hint Hint, it has to do with the amazing organization Glam4Good)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Don't Double Cross Me

She's pretty excited, no, extraordinarily excited. She's grabbin' a home girl and heading to a bigger town for a weekend. Not just any weekend though, the Kansas City Fashion Week. It's going to be spectacular.

ABOUT THE LOOK: I'm not a super big fan of upside down crosses, but this dress was simply beautiful! The fit laid perfectly on me and I still love the asymmetrical trend. I mixed different styles here; I'm satisfied with the result. The dress has a somewhat rocker-chic vibe, but the necklace sends a tribal feel. Mixing trends and styles always seems to result in something marvelous. Give it try! 

BEHIND THE SCENES: None!! Yet... There were so many funny bloopers, I'm putting them in another post!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bada-Bing Bada-Boom

Her eyes are heavy, her agenda is full, her room is messy. She's overworked, over-exhausted and is wondering why opossum has an o at the beginning of it on top of everything. It's time for her to toss her schedule into a garbage basket and wipe the slate clean. Take a break and take a nap. Anyone else with her?

ABOUT THE LOOK: I feel leggings are good for any nearly weather. When it's hot outside, they're thin enough to keep someone cool, yet, in the winter they seem to keep me warm, especially when one put tights beneath them. Everyone should have a pair (or 7!) of leggings for this fall. They're a staple piece and are right for everybody because they come in so many styles. I've seen rocker ones with studs and spikes, girly ones with ribbons and pretty pink designs, artsy ones with ice cream dripping down them and more! So grab a pair and tell me what they look like!

 BLOOPERS: I was trying to get up. What cha' gunna do?