Saturday, September 28, 2013

You'll Never Believe

 Look right, look left, look up, check the time. 17 Seconds have gone by! How fantastic! She clicks the refresh button and reloads her email for the fourth time that minute, but there it is. What she's been waiting for. You'll understand in a few days.

ABOUT THE LOOK: Isn't it supposed to be fall? Cooler weather is supposed to be coming, right? Because when I put on these fancy leggings, I didn't know I was going to sweat myself out of them. Anyway, today I went for a slightly more sophisticated style than I have been doing. Everything is from Rue21 except for the boots. I noticed a lot of cat print and inspiration on the runway this season, so I decided these cheetah print, baroque leggings would be a fine choice for such a day. Sorry to rant on and on, but I have some fantastic news that I'll tell you in a day or so! (Hint Hint, it has to do with the amazing organization Glam4Good)


  1. cool leggings

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