Saturday, December 1, 2012

Win £100 to MaryJaneFashion

Who exactly is Mary Jane? If you look at the people in the street, she's the one walking in five inch heels. You can see her sitting in a coffee shop; square glasses and mustache shirt on. She's "that girl" at the clubs, wearing spikes and getting all the guys. Look in a mirror... she's you.

She's a punk. She's fierce. She's like a panther wrapped in leather, prodded with spikes and constantly ready to pounce. Look at her. Danger and mystery spills from every pore in her body. She's feared, yet desired.

No one has ever said, "Mary Jane who?" It's impossible to miss her. Jet black hair, blunt bang, red lips and freshly manicured claws. She's at the bar, she's dancing. She's probably following you.

She's sitting down, brushing her silky brown hair out of her face and stuffing it back into the messy topknot but stuck up on top of her head. Her pencil is slightly gnawed on since she's been chewing on it, trying to come up with a new idea for her paper. Her black, square glasses line her face and she concentrates hard on the next paragraph, not even noticing the nice guy behind the coffee counter smiling at her.

She sighs and decides her paper is good as finished and scribbles her name across the top, Mary Jane. Stuffing the paper into her quirky colored backpack, she grabs her mocha latte and throws a tip on the table. She'll be back tomorrow.

G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. Fergie is her idol and Glamorous is her theme song. Sequins are her best friend and Ms. Mary Jane has vowed to marry the perfect jeweled clutch. She wears the perfect outfit everyday and looks spectacular in whatever it is.

Her pockets are only empty after a day long shopping trip. The clothes she buys are only made of the finest of the fine and her friends envy her extravagant wardrobe. She sparkles brighter than the sun and she will never let that change. It's what makes her... her.

As you can see, Mary Jane is everyone. She's your best friend, she's you, she's me. And, She's giving you the opportunity to win £100 to go shopping in her closet.

The online boutique Mary Jane Fashion is giving everyone of the Facebook users a chance to win £100 to their store. And trust me, that's going to go a long way. The shirts were all under £10 and the shoes pictured above were only £30! It's an amazing opportunity and there are many ways to enter. So log on into Facebook and enter HERE.


  1. oh wow.i like your take on the competition.All the best

  2. Great post !

    I really like your posts and outfits so much :)

    new follower right here !!

    Pass by for a chat if you have the time :)



  3. Love the Baroque trousers. Not sure I can rock the studded bralet though. It would be awkward to hug people, hehe!