Sunday, December 16, 2012

With a Friend

She can stand the Fa-La-Las now, but before turkey time, not so much. Christmas is coming and she's at her friend's house, letting him test out his photography skills and giving him guidance on it. Vertical, not horizontal unless sitting. Stand in front and let her face the light. White balance; fix it. Whole body in the picture to get the outfit. He'll learn... in due time.

ABOUT THE LOOK: First off, the pictures are a little bright and I apologize about that. It was a little dark and gloomy outside, so we had to take pictures inside and, with no photography lights, flash would have to do! Anyway, a current trend I have fallen in love with is bodysuits! I got this one from OohlaLuxe and I was most definitely satisfied with it. It formed to my body, unlike most suits I have tried on, and the mesh panels made it super sexy, although I toned it down for school. I always love a good ole "pop piece," in this case the pop of color from the scarf. 

BLOOPERS: Ah, well, yes. This scarf is not the ideal stationary item to hide behind if need be. Just saying.


  1. Very cool scarf. I like how it's so colorful. By the way, I like your friend. We have a friend too. He's a bit smaller, but still gives us all the love.
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  2. That scarf is certainly the center of attention in your black outfit. I really like that. Your hat looks warm too.