Friday, December 7, 2012

A Penny for Her Thoughts

Deep breath. Take it in. She can see the world without even opening her eyes. What's she thinking as she faces the wind and lets her imagination run wild through the field she's standing in? A penny for her thoughts? You can't pay a penny for her thoughts, they're much more valuable than that; they're at least a dollar. 

ABOUT THE LOOK: Oh I love this skirt (Forever 21)! It's so diverse! Anyway, it's December in Missouri so I'm wearing a mesh skirt and a tucked in lace, peplum top (Plato's Closet) when I should be in the fluffiest coat I can find. This weather is insane. And I know what a few of you are thinking... A white shirt! In December! Uhm... yes. I feel like white looks its loveliest in December when the there's snow on the ground! ... Or a field of tall, dead grass. 

BIG Thanks to my friend Mason for taking these pictures. That's his dog... it's name is Penny;P

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