Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Outerwear Wednesday

I got this picture off my Dream Closet Board on Pinterest, but the original photo is from Stylabl.

Okay, so it's a scorching 100 degrees here in Missouri. So what? It's cold in some other part of the world and I'm sure they would all die to get their hands on this coat! Or, I would anyway. I don't even care about the temperature. The deep emerald green is simply fantastic with the color of Abby Lee Kershaw's dress, plus it makes her eyes pop. What I love about this fur coat though, is that it's not plain. Don't get me wrong, any fur coat makes it so that an outfit isn't plain, but this one has an unexpected color and cut! It's fantastic and a staple piece for places with cold weather year round, or for this fall.

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