Sunday, January 29, 2012

Me and My Creeper

She's not really a creeper. She's my best friend... ever. Her name is Heather and we are what one might call "Chug-A-Muffins." Well, one might actually not call us that, but that's what we call each other. Up and downs, high and lows, we have each others backs, as you can clearly see in these next few pictures. This isn't a normal fashion post of my, it actually has to do with my life and friends but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

These pictures were taken at my school, hence the red lockers and endless twisting hallways I hate walking down everyday. My amazing photographer friend, Andrea, is taking these gorgeous pictures and there will be more photos by her VERY soon.

Eh Eh Ehmmmm...
I'm thinking of holding a giveaway for all of you readers. I draw clothes very well and was wondering if anyone would like to send me a picture of themselves in their favorite outfit, and I would recreate the look through one of my pictures. I would then post it as an example of what I can do and then hold a giveaway where someone would win the chance to have me draw their picture, but I would also send them the origional print as well. Comment and tell me what you think, and also leave a comment with your email if you want to send me a picture for me to draw of you! (It will be featured in a post on my blog as well as your picture. If you post your email, use [dot] so the spam bots don't get you. email@hotmail[dot]com).

Dress (used as skirt): Macys, $70
Shirt: Plato's Closet, $7
Leather Jacket: Playdoughs Closet, $10


  1. Great outfit!! And your friend Heather seems like a great friend! :) Cute and dorky!

  2. You look stunning! nice combination!