Tuesday, March 19, 2013


So this is what it's like to be a man; Furrowed brows, "muscle" bearing tanks, bangs for hair, shoes not even properly tied and pinkies up. Well, she's/he's part English, pinkies up is like breathing for her/him. Androgynous.

ABOUT THE LOOK: I decided to try something a little (lot) different than I normally do. I used runway inspiration and flipped the ends of my hair to the front to create a Justin Beiberesque hair do and added a beenie to conceal the weirdness that is the pinned part of my hair. I decided a simple black tank paired with some dark jeans would be perfect for the shoot. I also decided to sit down to help conceal the look of my womanly hips. It helped a lot. Trust me. I wanted to do an androgynous shoot and I did. Was it a success... I'll let you all decide.

I can't help the pinky, it just happens. MANLY.

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