Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Let's Reminisce For A While

It's not like she's thinking about life. She knows life like the back of her hand, or at least she's planning to. It's funny how everyone spends more time working than they do living; one more reason that she doesn't want to fit in, but rather stand out of the crowd. She wants to live her life like the stars in luxury and be able to share her wealth, experiences and more with the rest of the world. And she will... in due time.

ABOUT THE LOOK: I love this RUE 21 coat's print. I always forget what it's called, but I've loved it since middle school and will continue to love it for... well... forever. I'm following one of the spring 2013 trends, even though it's still freezing outside and not springy at all. Anyway, the trend is black and white (My coat also has fur on the hood and that was one of the runway trends as well. Bonus!). I got those lovely shoes from a place called Love Culture, they're my new favorite pair of shoes, just like the person reading this... you my new favorite person.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Right now, I'm asking myself why... why do I continue to show you all behind the scenes pictures? Besides the fact that I could care less what people think about me because I love being myself (which is a little weird at all times), I have no clue. I think I might have been singing in this picture... Or falling down the stairs to my doom... One of the two.