Monday, March 18, 2013

Oz Fashion: Evanora

Rachel Weisz sharpens her claws for the role of Evanora in Oz the Great and Powerful. Her character may seem sweet and kind-hearted in the beginning, but it's quickly recognizable that this ruling witch has something dark in her. Just look at the background in the picture above! Her dark demeanor is accompanied by gowns that easily reflect her essence.
The picture above shows a pretty nice close up of Evanora's simply b-e-a-utiful gown! The intricate beading on it, well, I can't find how long it took, but I'm sure it wasn't done in a day. The green is for the Emerald City she's takes great pleasure ruling over, but it also symbolises the color of envy. I like the colors chosen for the dress because she envies both her sisters in my opinion; Theodora for her power and Glinda for her gentleness and ability to have everyone love her.

Oh yeah, green also represents the color of the bolts of lightening she shoot out of her fingers.
Lastly, I want to point out her magnificent manicure. I am in love with the dark emerald color and the claw-like resemblance of them! What do you think of the manicure and gown?


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  1. I love her nails. I need to do this ASAP to my nails :)