Friday, July 27, 2012

Social Butterfly House

OK guys and gals! Here I am, browsing Chictopia, when I see a picture of this girl wearing this gorgeous backless shirt! I immediately vote it up and go to comment on it when, what do you know?! Turns out it was a clothing company! I casually move my mouse over to their store's link, click upon it.... then die. Why? Because their clothing was beyond beautiful; it was stunning, it was dazzling, it was pulchritudinous, and yes that's an actual word. A spectacular word for a spectacular brand.

The Brands name is The Social Butterfly House. It seems as though their specialty, their signature is unique, backless clothing. Just look at the picture about. A backless shirt with scalloped hem? I've never seen such a thing, but I sure do want to own one! They also have gorgeous dresses that just so happen to be lacking fabric in the back, but they also have an array of tops and rompers. Here are some of their products:

'Bella' Open Heart Back Dress (Black)

Crochet Tulle Dress

Lattice Back Dress


MBD Basics 'Julian' Top


Suede Scallop Shorts w/ Cutouts

'Full Bloom' Floral Bandeau

Sleeveless Twisted Peep Sheer Blouse

Like I said before, Tell me which of the three above you like the most... There's a suprise in for all of you!:)


  1. I vote for #2!!
    I didn't like #3 and #1 is just too much skin for around town unless your at the beach. thats my oponion :)

  2. My favorite is the Lace Bustier 'Diana' Dress in Mocha and orange because it's cute and can be worn on any occasion.
    I also like the 'Full Bloom' Floral Bandeau because I've been obsessed with floral lately, but I think it's too revealing and isn't suitable for most everyday things.
    I don't like the Sleeveless Twisted Peep Sheer Blouse because it isn't my style personally and the blouse wouldn't frame my body very nicely. I'm also not a fan of the pinky/purple color. :)

  3. I love the Sleeveless Twisted Peep Sheer Blouse, such a cute color!

    By the way, following you, please return the favor^^

  4. Sleeveless Twisted Peep Sheer Blouse It's so cute I like #2 also, #1 not so much.