Saturday, July 28, 2012

Grandma's Romper

My sister and I are thinking of starting a blog together. It'd be a chain off of this one and be called Caged In Makeup. We are intense makeup junkies, I mean, you name it we got it. I have hot pink, sparkly eyeliner and yellow, shiny mascara and a poop ton more and my sister... well... let's just say she robbed a clown a few years ago, added neon powder and a pound of glitter to whatever she stole and stuck it on her face and somehow still managed to make it look good. We have a passion for makeup like I personally have a passion for fashion and we would love to share it with you! So, be on the look out for the announcement of the blog!

ABOUT THE LOOK: Don't laugh, the romper is my Grandmother's from way back when. It is really big on me so check and see if you can tell where I tied it:P Anyway, back to the look. Every time I come to do a shoot at this playground, I feel like it's suppose to be fun and like I need to let out my inner child! More like I want to than need to. So, to do that, I mixed fun colors, with bright accessories and, but of course, SUGAR! Such simple props such as a lollipop and sour octopus really complete an outfit and a shoot.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Yes, my grandmother's romper was smidgen large on me so I had to use ponytails I had to make it fit... it happens. It was such a fun shoot though, besides the fact I got a little sick from the spinning... and the candy indulgence. It was a fun shoot though; Andrea always makes me laugh somehow and vice versa. The swingset in the background, I tried to climb up on top of it, but it most definately did not work. It just come out with some extremely unnatractive shots.

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