Saturday, March 24, 2012

Living In The Trees

The weather was finally warm enough to do a photo shoot in a short-sleeved dress! It was so much fun besides the fact that I had to crawl up the tree I'm sitting in... in my dress... and it's a high tree. Plus I scratched up my arms because I Mulan crawled my way up the tree. There are more pictures but I only had time to grab these off my friends computer before we went to the midnight showing of THE HUNGER GAMES! Has anyone else seen it yet? My friend and I are going to have a photo shoot where I am being Katniss. I can really look like her if I want to, I just need some fuller lips and a few more freckles. I'm making a bow and arrow and yippie-kie-aye! I just can't wait for the shoot!

I'll put the other pictures up later this week and show you the amazing log I laid on... a log that apparently had ants and termites crawling all over it. I found out a little to late about the critters. Oh sad face. 


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  3. Great photos!

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  7. Lovely skirts!

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  11. Better and Better ideas and style.

  12. These pictures are so stunning, I love the tiers in the skirt of the dress. And I am so jealous of your hair- I want it !

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