Friday, April 5, 2013

I'm British Now

She loves going on walks in nature, especially when it involves sexily trudging through tall grass, leaves and debris in six inch heelless heels. She loves having people run by in the background of her photos. She loves the breeze whipping through her half cornrowed head. She loves you.

ABOUT THE LOOK: Spring is finally upon us! Thank goodness if I may say so. Today I'm wearing my favorite pair of high waisted shorts paired with a British flag crop top, blue jacket with leather inserts and my ever-loyal Jeffrey Campbells. I added in this mint green bag that I got from subscribing to Teen Vogue, I think it softens the look and gives it that pastel pop to welcome spring.

BEHIND THE SCENES: What would this site be without bloopers?! Lets just say Jeffrey Campbell Nightwalkers + Nature = Failure

1 comment:

  1. I Love the whole Look! & Your Jacket & Blouse Look great! & Those Ski High Nightwalkers! are AMAZING! I'm Only Jealous That I'm tpo much of a scaredy cat to try them.
    Xo Pam