Monday, April 22, 2013

Denim Days #2

 One or two? Which facial expression will choose today? It's not like she has that many. It's either a blank stare off into space or some goofy face that, once captured on camera, will haunt her in the future. It's a good thing peer critisism doesn't affect her. She's like an emotionless brick. I mean, just look at her face...

ABOUT THE LOOK: Denim days part II!! First was casual and now is chic! I paired the same denim shirt I used in the last shoot with high waisted shorts, studded shoes and a brilliant peachy bag. It is perfect for this spring weather (well, when it stays here anyway).

 BEHIND THE SCENES: Hair flip! Heck yes! And me running away from the photographer... who likes them anyway?

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