Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nasty Gal Swimsuits

*Wipes saliva off lower lip* Nasty. Gal. Swimsuits. For the past week I have been obsessing over the cutouts, the colors, the designs, the Pure Creativeness of the swimsuits that Nasty Gal has put in in their Summer 2013 lineup. Most of the swimsuits they provide are for the daring and fashion leaders, not followers, but they do have some simple designs and prints for those who are a little less adventuress when it comes to wearing something that is pretty much fancy, water sustaining undergarments.

Let's begin with some of my favorite Colorful swimsuits:

Now, here's my picks for best Buckle Use:

Never thought I'd see the buckle that used to keep me safe in the car when I was young be used on swimsuits I'm drooling over...

Next on the list is Snazziest Prints:

Lastly, here's my picks for most.... Questionable?

And there you go! My lineup up my favorite Nasty Gal's swimsuits! You can find them all at Nasty Gal