Sunday, September 16, 2012

Vampirish Part I (Giveaway Winner)

There's a reason that I called this Vampirish Part I. It's because I took sooooo many pictures that they can't all fit into one post! Plus, this post isn't just about my style today, it's about my BACK TO SCHOOL GIVEAWAY winner! Yes, it ended yesterday and now... it is time to announce who wins the amazing Social Butterfly House dress. So ladies, here it is!

Congrats MC CHAU! All of that dedicated tweeting really paid off! (Trust me, I get a notification every time someone tweets me and I got TONS from you!) I'll shoot you an email tonight and you have three days to respond before an alternate winner is chosen. Congrats again!
ABOUT THE LOOK: All of a sudden, fall is here... with fall weather. No more mini skirts and tanks for mwa. I am in college after all and forced to walk everywhere and I hate being cold. Exactly whey I wore this, oh-so-very mysterious skirt/jacket combo. The crimson color combined with the sheer overlaying the skirt from Forever 21 made it perfect from the transition from summer to fall. Plus, the leather jacket  from Plato's Closet provided shelter from the cool wind blowing that day. I have on some pretty cute necklaces too. One that has crosses and another that's full of false pearls and is a peter pan collar. I love it!
Stay tuned for Vampirish Part II! (AKA more pics to come!)
BEHIND THE SCENES: What can I say. I never stay serious for too long. At all. Ever. Andrea (Photographer and bestie) has to get frustrated, I mess around so much. I laugh, make her laugh, dance around, dance on a tree! Plus, she always manages to capture me hiking up my skirt and trampling around; have you ever tried to walk in heels in the forest while the ground is squishy? It's hard.



  1. Oh yay! I'm so excited to win your FIRST giveaway! I'm eagerly awaiting your email. :)

  2. gorg photos! loving the colour of that skirt, so pretty xx

  3. That skirt it's perf!
    So cute your comment, really glad you liked my blog!
    best wishes

  4. great outlook, maxi is pretty!!! do u like follow each other?