Monday, September 10, 2012

Gypsy Warrior

Ah. My. Gawrsh. My latest obsession has to be a lovely online boutique called GYPSY WARRIOR. I can't even begin to describe my love for this brand, but, for you all, I will do my best.
Let's begin with their About page. It explains a lot about the brand:

The Gypsy Warrior girl has an edgy spirit and sparkling eyes filled with wanderlust and passion for life. Gypsy Warrior is the ideal collaboration between Rock ‘n Roll and Bohemian lifestyle.
Its founders are two very different, yet well-matched, young ladies. Nicla DiCosmo, with experience at Ford Models, decided to use her fashion background and inimitable style sense to create something new. Her partner, Michel Bezoza, imaginatively blends rock and roll with high fashion. Michel has a track record of success starting and operating other small indie clothing brands. With her innovative influences from tattoo culture and the NY Rock ‘n Roll scene, Michel brings the latest styles and trends to the mix. Together they fuse the harmonious blend of a Gypsy and a Warrior.

Just reading about them makes them sound incredibly awesome right? I think so. Now I'll tell you why I am in love with them. Their style suits mine to a T. Everything screams unique and playful with a dash of shexy. Their use of sheers and distinctive cuts makes every piece perfect for someone who isn't afraid to show a bit of skin and be an individual.

I've made a wishlist below, so, if you ever want to be a great reader and buy me one (or all) of these... feel free. And, Gypsy Warrior, if you ever read this and want to, oh I don't know, just give me a piece or two, go for it! Enjoy!
Lulu Dress
Tori Leather Collar Top
Dulce Dress
Mesh Sweetheart Dress
Spiked Moto Crop Jacket
Motorcycle Jacket - Coral
Athena Bustier Dress
Denim Cut Out Blouse
So what do you think of this amazing brand? Tell me in the comments!
PLUS, if you have a secret (or not so secret!) love for an online boutique, tell me in the comments and I may review it here on CAGED IN CLOTHES!

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  1. perfect mix of "Rock ‘n Roll and Bohemian lifestyle." so true. that coral leather jacket is perfection!