Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day 2

Day 2 was my day to be a true tourist, except that I dressed pretty cute to be one.  
First thing first, walk the Brooklyn Bridge! It was so beautiful! It was also so... so... so... Long. 
It did have a cute little quote on it though! 
I'm in NYC, so of course I had to see the Statue of Liberty! There were to many people to actually go to the base and also way to many to go inside so we went on the Staten Island ferry to cross and see it. I geeked out because I was going to Danny's home Island. Oh #TheMindyProject
I saw the Staten Island 9/11 Memorial and it was so beautiful. There were individual face silhouettes carved onto the side with the names of the people.
Then the was good old Chinatown. We'll just say or was A LOT different than I though it would be. 

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