Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day -1

Ok everyone, today was day -1 of my journey to NYC for my internship with a couple of companies I'm  crazy passionate about. First off, we have GLAM4GOOD! Remember that organization that let me help them out at Seventeen Mag? Yeah, that was them and now I'm absolutely honored that they're letting me come back down to help them out this summer! The other company is GAB+AB. I'll be tagging along with them this summer and helping them blow up the social mediasphere.


 So why day -1? Well, because I don't exactly leave until Saturday. However, I wanted to start showing you all the process now. It begins with packing. Holy packing. I have two luggage bags, my carry on and my purse. I was sooooo surprised when my checked bags were under 50 pounds each. It was such a relief too!

 In order to even out the weight in my bags, I used my shoes to stuff shirts in. Genius, yes, I know. It also helps hold the shape of my shoes so that they don't get squished on the ride. The tips of my shoes are also filled with my jewelry!
Final bags with the weight on top. Wow, it's taken all week to get to this point.

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