Thursday, June 28, 2012

FBI #1: Ebba Zingmark

1. Federal Bureau of Investigation
2. Fashion Blogger Inspiration
After sending messages to my top favorite fashion bloggers, Ebba Zingmark was the first to get back to me and what a perfect FBI to start out with! I was origionally going to have a top 15 list, but I realized that many of these bloggers are working hard and don't have time to answer a lot of questionns that I needed for my top 15 chart. I most definately understand though, I mean it takes hours to take the photos then edit them, then come up with information to blog about and to keep up a site. Lucky though, I got permission to use some of Ebba's photos to share with you!

Check out Ebba's fashion blog here and read why I think she is unique and worthy of your pageviews below!

Firstly, let us begin with her general appearance
incredibally slender with big doe eyes and lips made for pouting... 
or smiling! She does both because she isn't
just some fashion blogger gal who always has a blank stare and gaping mouth, this girl has personality and she let's it shine through her
clothes, hair styles and facial expressions!

And although her skin may be white as snow, her hair is definately not black as coal. Her firery, jet red hair has to be one of her signatures that everyone knows her by.

The picture above was from when Ebba first became a blogger and found a concrete wall that she decided would be the perfect background for her photos. She still called her blog Ebba's Photos when she took these, aka, she was even amazing "back in the day."
Something else I love about Ebba is the diversity in clothing that she wears and pulls off. She can wear a gorgeously designed dress with a jean jacket, a printed tee with a bright yellow skirt AND Ozzy glasses, and she can even style herself to look like a whimsical fairy in a crochet dress and flower headband. She decides what she wants to wear based off of her own disposition and what's trendy. Just look how each outfit is different; she jumps from style to style, while still keeping her own "Ebba essence." Check out the Film strip below to see how many different ways she can style her clothes!

You're going to want to check this girl out and keep a watch on her. With her sense of fashion, model-like pressnce and individuality, Ebba Zingmark is going to go places in whatever she sets her mind to.

*All pictures were taken from and used with permission from owner.*
*Each filmstrip was made by owner not by Caged In Clothes, so credit goes to owner for the lovliness of the filmstrips.*


  1. I love the inspiration! The aztec print leggings are so lovely (:

    xx Amber

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  4. OMG i love this blogger.
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