Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's My Galaxy Now

This post is for one of my readers, Jesika, who said she wanted to see some galaxy print on Caged in Clothes. Well Jesika, here you go! I meant to have about three posts made out for the coming week, but I don't. I'm going on a mission trip to South Dakota next week and was going to have a lot to automatic posts. Unfortunately, my photographer and I were running a little behind and only did two, but the first was a bust. Firstly, I was wearing jeans. Jeans. In the summer. H-O-T. And not in the daaaang girl, you is looking fine sort of way, but more like the, my face just sweated off and the rubber on the bottom of the shoes is sticking to ground. So I only have this post, but I really hope you like it! It was a blast to shoot!

ABOUT THE LOOK: This look is perfect for summer days that aren't 80 degrees or over. It's for those cool mornings when you want to look hot. The leather jacket is super hot but the assymetrical skirt has a nice flow and breeze to it. Plus, with galaxy print being such a an amazing print at the moment, this skirt is a hot piece. I won it off of the rewards section on Chictopia and you can get it here if you fell in love with it as much as I did! Oh, and, if I had had them, I would have combined this look with a chunky silver arm cuff to top of the look.

What do you think is this summer's sizzling piece? Tell in the comments!

On this picture and the pic below, do I look like Kristen Stewart?
Tell in the comments!

Jacket: Plato's Closet, $10
Skirt: ChicWish, $49.90
Shoes: Bakers


  1. Your photos look like it came from a magazine! Wow! I super love your skirt. Followed, love. xx

  2. Wooww love the combiantion of the jacket with the skirt!! Amazing photos!

    Chtistina xxx