Sunday, April 15, 2012

Running With Green Horses

It's Spring! Yet, oddly enough, it feels like summer. I mean, an 85 degree day makes me feel like popsicles and tanning (more like burning) at the pool, not dew drops on crisp pieces of grass and birds chirping outside my door. I like it though. Summer means more family time, mission trips, cute swim suits (and the pool!), not to mention shorts and super fun fashion!
I got this pony here on a mission trip a few years ago, my first mission trip ever actually. It chills on my bed all day and snuggles with me at night and it doesn't have a name! Give me a name for him in the comments! I'll announce the winner in another post, and guess what the winner wins? How about their name in big letters at the top of the post?! Sound good? I think it does. Get to thinking of names!

Shorts: Plato's Closet
Hat: Plato's Closet, $4

What do you think of my lips?

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