Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Like Pants?

And by pants I mean shorts. Although colored and floral short are coming in style, don't forget about the classic jean shorts. There is one Etsy store that hasn't forgotten them; they've even upgraded them! The store is called Boho Fairytale and they have the best shorts in town (Etsy Town!).  Boho Fairytale has taken the classic jean shorts, shredded some a little, added some bedazzlement, rhinestones, studs and the ever-growing popular lace! Why wouldn't you want a pair of these shorts to show off? Answer... You would! So check out some of the products below then head to the checkout at the Boho Fairytale Etsy Shop with this special 5% of discount code: BLOGGER5

Crosses are in for anyone hoping to acheive the newly popular "punk" look!
Let's see... Asymmetrical... in... lace... in... What is there not to love about these shorts?
The cuffs make these shorts cute, the handsewn feather make them adorable
Woah, loving the half bedazzle look, you?
REMEMBER, BLOGGER5 is the 5% off code to use if you decide to buy some of these amazing jean shorts!

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