Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Inside the Foliage

I took some photos with my cousin Jessica a couple weeks ago at the family Easter get together. I'll probably ask for the other pictures sometime in the future, but for now I have these two. She edited them and took them. All I did was hide in a bush and kill my corneas as I gazed into the overly bright sun. I can tell you, I've never looked so good hiding in a bush. Ever. and if I may say, thank God for spandex. They were very helpful as I sat in dirt and frolicked around in field.
Anyway, I have a couple of more shoots down, so make me put them up! I have one in a dress that broke right after the shoot, but it was worth it. They pictures turned out beautifully! The second shoot was BMS (By My Self) and it was somewhat of a complicated shoot. First of all, as I said I was BMS and I have a camera that is currently being held together by tape and I don't have a tripod or a remote. Second of all... I was on a roof, my roof to be more exact. I've never been on a roof before, but my house is in the middle of the woods and the trees are to thick for sun light to peer through, there, taking to the sky was the only choice. Those pictures were amazing! I'll try to get them posted tomorrow!
And I'm on PINTREST now! Just look me up right here and check out my posts! Follow if you want on Pintrest, but I'd really try to follow my blog. I'm in the giveaway mode and on the hunt for something to giveaway SO keep checking back! (What would you like for a giveaway? Tell me in the comments and I'll try to get one to give away!)

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