Monday, February 3, 2014

Jordan's Bow Blog

To be a fashion or a beauty blogger, you have to be the three B's; Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant. Eh, might as well make that four B's when you're talking about Jordan and just go on and throw
Bad-A** in there.
You guys might recognize Jordan from my trip to NYC when I helped out with Glam4Good; She was the super chic chick standing next to me in most of my pictures ;) Well, she's finally jumped on the blogging bandwagon I've been telling her to board on for so long!
Make sure, absolutely sure, to check out her new fashion blog, Jordan's Bow Blog. She might only have up two posts so far, but it looks as though she's been blogging for ages! No silly camera quality or wonky writing, just beautiful, fashionable pictures for you all to drool over.
If I may, You're Welcome.

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